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January 17, 2010



She is so darling!! I missed the etsy sale and I so wanted one of those girls! Any more before Valentines Day? It would have been great to see you at the Pine Needle but I hear you- I can't seem to remember anything lately!!


I like the larger size, very sweet. Another darling Creation. Hugs, Diane


Love her!! I missed you update because my computer just quit:( Save me one:)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I had wondered if you ever keep any of these for yourself, or if they all just head off to Etsy! Your big girl is just darling, and maybe she can keep the little ones in line, as you make them!


Will the "big girls" be making it on to Etsy? Please say yes! Let us know when you will post.


What a cutie! Almost a self-portrait. She needs some funky glasses.


She is the cutest thing ever! I really do need on of your little girls(any holiday will do):)Your work is amazing!!

Kim G.

She is perfection!!!!!!


She has the sweetest face, and that honeycomb balloon is pretty fabulous, too. Good job with the appropriately-lengthed skirt. You wouldn't want her showing TOO much pipe cleaner.


Attack of the gargantuans! Run for cover little one....... Just kidding. I think she's charming! I love your stuff on those old spools of ribbon. Cute, cute. - Kathy

Vintage Christine

It's the Attack of the 50 Foot SpunHead Valentine Girl!! And guess who's going to have to visit your Etsy store for the umpteenth millionth time . . . Absolutely adorable, as always.


I can't blame you for keeping her-- she is absolutely adorable!


She is fabulous and her face is so good!!! I've never seen a big one like her in all my life!
I hope to see one in my lifetime though. Gotta keep an eye out!


Wow...she's looks like you! Look at those blonde curls! She is precious!

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