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January 30, 2010



Oh how I wish it were warm enough for a flea market road trip! I cannot wait this year.


So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye-eee.....

Have a fabulous road trips. Bring back lots of goodies and more important lots of good STORIES!!

Drive safe,



I've always wanted to go to the Alameda Flea-- It's only about 1-1/2, 2 hours away! I've driven through Alameda, but I don't really know the area. I wish I were going...sigh...


You sure did score some good treasures for your projects. And I just know your Road Trip will be a great experience. Have Fun! Hugs, Diane


Can't wait to hear all the adventures and see all the goodies!!
Have a blast, we will all be waiting to see your treasures!

the polka dot pixie (jenny)

If you are going to be in San Francisco at all, you MUST go to the Crown and Crumpet Tea Room!!! Just trust me on this one. Google them and prepare to fall in love! :-)


hi laurie... have a fun trip... i keep forgetting to tell you about a book you might enjoy. it has the story of a handmade dollhouse set in england. the name is DeBever Hall, The Story of a Stately Dolls House by Rosemary FFolliott published by Duckworth (English publisher) in 1976. ISBN 0 7156 101X. the part i think will be of interest to you is the fact the maker used all spun cotton head dolls for the entire family of about 12. the actual dollhouse and furnishings are a bit primitive, but very interesting, but the main interest is how the maker modified all these little spun cotton heads into so many different characters... from toddlers and a baby to house servants, parents, and grandparents. the story is a true rendition of a family dollhouse & tells of all the adventures of their dollhouse family & their move up from an orange crate to a "stately" dollhouse. cute... you'll get a kick out of it. Jeannie


Have fun at Alameda. I always wanted to go when I lived in CA, but never made it.

Love the Scotch tape plaid tins -I would have bought those for sure.


Vintage Christine

I'll be going to California this year and plan to hit this event--I lived in the Bay Area for YEARS but at the time the thought of going to a gigantic flea market never entered my mind. I came to my senses once I moved to San Diego and often went to the biggie they have there. You will have SO MUCH fun, and going with girlfriends will just add to the joy. Can't wait to see what you get!


Have a great road trip! Hopefully you will score a lot of good loot! Love the plaid tape! Have fun!!!

Mermaid Debbie

Fun! Fun! I hope it is huge success of fun!


What is it about vintage birthday candles? Seriously, blogging is awesome because we can see our own, crazy, vintage fetishes shared by others. Sometimes, when I'm at an estate sale with friends or my husband, they look at me like I'm nuts as I hop around a special find.


OH I wish I was going with!! Have fun and I hope you find loads of treasures!!

Into Vintage

Roadtrip! Have a great time -- I think you're going to love Alameda. Hope you find lots of amazing stuff that's reasonably priced and will fit in the car. Or can be shipped back! -amy

Into Vintage

Roadtrip! Have a great time -- I think you're going to love Alameda. Hope you find lots of amazing stuff that's reasonably priced and will fit in the car. Or can be shipped back! -amy

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I would wish you good luck, but you always have good luck when shopping! Have fun on your Girls Gone Wild trip. Try to stay out of trouble!
Happy Monday!

Anna Duarte

Make sure you wear REALLY good walking shoes, a sun hat and warm clothes! This flea is huge and in a beautiful spot surrounded by water and amazing ships! Also, make sure you have a buggy or something to carry your goods in so you don't have to keep going back to the parking lot!!

Have a great time!!!

Shelley G in Iowa

Have a great trip with lots of treasures found along the way!

On your recent finds. You seem to find more in one weekend then I find in 6 months! I've come to conclusion that it must be our lack of population here. Maybe estate sales aren't as big here, either. At least I can look at your finds and DREAM!


Yep, you're gonna love it! Wear layers- can cold/windy/warm and can change constantly. Are you going to early entrance?
Wish I could go this time- we have a bunch coming for Superb Owl- I would try to meet up to say hi!

Lori Roberts

I love road trips and flea markets-sounds like a great time!

I love seeing all your great finds. I'll have to check out the portland estate sale scene one of these days...

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