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January 03, 2010



Darling! What a cute model! I love vintage nightgowns, and bed jackets. Happy New Year.


You crack me up! I love your bedjacket collection-- and how you styled them so well with the bottoms and the glasses! Too cute!


Hey Laurie...fun post...Love the bed jackets...although I could never quite figure out why someone would wear a jacket to bed...hhmmm? Thanks for giving me an answer, and a smile! *elaine*


You are the biggest goober ever..I love your bed jackets..and you are just adorable in them...thanks for the giggle...:)

mich in mich

As always... a very unique and fun collection. I would of never thought of collecting bed jackets. You're the best!

Mich in Mich


I should have known that you would have a collection of bed jackets because I too have several. I know we would get along great because we love the same things! Or would we???? We might become those ladies in the estate sale line giving each other the stink eye because once we got inside we know that we would be heading in the same direction-basements, garages and bedrooms. Hmmm...I think I will stay here in the midwest where we can remain blog buddies. I just find it so fun to know that there is someone out there that would really "get me"! Thanks for sharing!


Oh, you are so glamorous. Although I do not have this particular collection, I share your interest (no surprise, right?) and have been hanging on to this vintage bed jacket pattern because I'm certain I'll make myself one someday. They are so great!


love it!!!! i used to find those bed jackets for 50 cents at the sally (sal. army) store years ago and i'd wear them to work!!!! YES...WORK. everybody laughed at me. whatever. i wore them to clubs, movies, wherever!! i love them too.
thanks for making me NOT the only one that adores vintage. you have true vintage style!!!!!!!!
happy new year.....here's to lots of collections.


Well, look at you doing those cute "cheesecake" poses! You look simply divine in the bed jackets, dahling...
So, seriously, what DON'T you collect?! tee-hee - Kathy

Sammy  Girl

Well, Miss Laurie ... you look like a cover girl to me! I simply LOVE you in those terrific bed jackets. Such fun ... and who doesn't love a pajama party?!?
Here's to a wildly fun and successful 2010 for you (much better outcome than the Rose Bowl, too!)
Betty :)


What a cute collection - I can remember a time when it was in vogue to give bed jackets. I've missed them. I'm glad to see that you're reviving the custom of wearing them.


Love the collection!! They are so cute and I love the pink one;) Happy New Year!!!


I don't even know where to begin to comment on this. As someone who spends as much time as possible in her pajamas, I am impressed (but not surprised) that you have coordinating pajama pants to go with your bed jackets. You sassy thing, you.


I "heart" your collection!

Happy New Year!

Bedjacket Betty

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Pure Hollywood Glam! Where's your bed tray? You look like a gal who gets served breakfast in bed, wearing those bed jackets! And I bet you couldn't see a single thing while you were wearing those glasses. Oh, the things you have to go through to bring us these great pictures!
Happy Monday!


I don't know if you "do" awards or not, but you deserve one. That's why there is one for you on my blog.


Your collections fascinate me! What original things you surround yourself with-- I need to branch out from my collection of snow globes...


Leave it up to you to start the year off in FUN fashion!


Laurie, I love it love it love it...did I mention that I love it...U are way to hip & sooo cool..the glasses, the jackets, and so on... you definitely have the magic touch in finding the neatest, coolest & sweetest treasures Love It...have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams my hip coast friend! Marlene


You crazy gal!! Who would have thunk? A collection of bed jackets! I love it! I have the same problem...I want to stay warm and snuggly at night without a bulky robe. I'll be on the look out for my very own bed jacket! I'll start with one and see how it goes from there! :)


Have you thought about a future modeling for Victoria's Secret? I can see these being the next BIG THING! :)

You are too funny!

Mitzi Curi

I think we're all more impressed by your enthusiastic modeling than the actual garments. How fun! I also zeroed in on that channel-back chair in greenish gold. Love it!!!

Grace Mason




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