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January 20, 2010



Oh so cute!! I love the last one:) Where do you come up with all these cute ideas????

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

These are so darn cute, and the tutorial is perfect! But I have a dilemma. I don't have a beer bottling business near me, and I don't have any old caps. So which should I chugalug to get some caps? Coronas (hiccup), or soda pop?!


Mine cetainly gave me a smile! I've considered wearing it, but I think the family might think I have finally "lost" it. It's a keeper - that's for sure!


Brought a smile to me, too! Those are really cute, and I think I'll follow Carol's fine example and drink a lot of, um, soda pop.


So cute...just love them!


Laurie, you're so smart!! I love this idea. And Scottish Terrier Club of Western Virginia meets on Feb. 13th. I think I'll make some with Scottie faces in them to hand out. Thanks for the tutorial.


As a recipient of one of your darling ribbons I can tell you it certainly did bring a smile to my face! It was almost as much fun as getting my little Valentine girl from you. Thanks for the lesson in how to make them as I plan on making some for my friends. Too cute!
I can't wait to see your Valentine decorations!


You are brilliant! Such a great idea for gift tags- thanks for the tutorial!


what a cute flippin idea..thanks for sharing.:)

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

You are always up to crazy sweet fun! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. This is a project I can see my ten year old LOVING to do.


You read my mind! I had so admired your Christmas tags at Crafty Wonderland this Christmas... thanks for the tutorial, I'm thrilled that I have all the supplies- yahoo!


So darn cute - you are even more ingenious than in college.


So cute. You may have already thought of this, but, I think a cute idea would be to put someone's (the person to whom you are giving the gift) picture inside the bottle cap. I know my 4 granddaughters would like that. Just an idea. :)


Yep! That is a PRIZE WINNING tutorial! I'm going to do this one myself..... I'm always looking for a tag idea I can use on the presents we send at Christmastime that will still be in good shape when the package arrives..... Thank you soooo much! They are just tooooo cute!



Wow! Such a cute idea! It is so generous of you to share the tutorial. Thanks again!!!

marydon ford

G'morn ~ These ideas are darling!
Have a beautiful weekend.
TTFN ~Marydon


Completely adorable. I actually have a box of vintage bottle caps (from my scrapbooking days)so I may need to give this a try. However I'm not sure what to envy you most for - your lovely collection of foil liners, the adorable twist ties, or the fact that you have a Daiso store.

Thanks for sharing.

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