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February 04, 2010



Very nice stash of stuff in that small Studio Space! Have a safe and wonderful trip! Hugs, Diane

Sheri and Sophee~a

What a great studio and a great use of space!

I envy you...I have been to Alameda once....loved it and stayed all day...not to mention got sunburned~lol

I am headed back this Spring...with sunscreen of course :)


Thanks for letting us snoop while you're away. You have an amazing "stash" and I love the studio!


Cute post! I love your back patio, it looks charming.

Sadie Lou

Oh my gosh! *drool* *drool* I totally live vicariously through you-I wish I could go to that flea market! We should meet up sometime-my sister lives in SF. I live in the Foothills.
I can't wait to see what you come home with!

Sandy McClay

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I don't feel so bad now, about my clutter! LOL This studio is fantastic! And how neat that it is off by itself.....my room is coming along...we are finding what we need to add that we didn't think we needed...if that makes sense! :) But today is my birthday and I am going to go junking!!!!! Good luck at the flea market!

Jessica - Domestic PDX

So many amazing treasures you have!


A few questions: Is the studio unlocked? Do you have a guard cat? How long will you be gone? No reason I need to know, just wondering.


Hey, "Neighbor", just make sure you wash the floor before Laurie gets back - our muddy footprints will give away the fact that you invited all of us in there! LOL!

Actually, I'm moving in while you're gone, Laurie - sorry to disappoint you!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Darn, Sue beat me to it. I was going to move in too! Oh too bad, I'm still going to move in, and if anything is missing, Sue did it!


I have glitter issues too. I looooove me some glitter. I store mine in old sugar shakers, syrup bottles, etc. I'll have to post about it sometime! Hope you're having fun!


Okay, you just had to start off with those drawers FULL of vintage glitter bottles didn't you?!!!! My measly collection makes me sad now! I WANT MORE GLITTER BOTTLES! Tee hee. Thanks for the close up peeks and can't wait to see more! Hope you have a blast at the Flea!


To be so neat is one of my dreams!


When I pull myself up of the floor from laughing so hard - I'll be able to type a comment. Loved having look around - although I think the footprints we leave will be in glitter rather than mud. Hope you are having a fab time at the big old flea market. Not to worry - we're keeping watch while you are gone. Hurry home and share with us your goodies - we'll skooch some stuff over to make room for them.

Kathy Groove Cloth

You thought it was packed THEN!

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