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January 05, 2010



Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it's filled with lots of birthday surprises.

Mitzi Curi

Happy Birthday! I love your collected bits related to birthdays. I'll bet the "Loot Bag" isn't very large. Nowadays, kids probably haul out their party favors in a garbage bag. Years ago, everything seemed so much more special.....Have a great day!!!


Happy Birthday!!! I am glad that the candles will give you just the right amount-36! :o) Well...it could be. I have a cake plate that looks exactly like your "Happy Birthday" tin. My plate winds up and plays a tinny version of Happy Birthday, if I was with you I would wind it up and let it play! Have a great day!


Happy Birthday, Laurie! I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks to you for brightening a lot of my days with your humor and just plain cool stuff you show us!


Hapde Burfday!


Okay is it 46 for the birthday? I have not seen before vintage birthday stuff.....how cool. Actually a nice change to all the vintage Christmas stuff we have been seeing. Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday to you!! What a fun and creative post. Love that your birthday age is in it, I'm not telling because I am just a couple years ahead of you!!
Have a wonderful day, you deserve it after all the wonderful things you do for your family and friends!

My Shabby Roses

Happy Birthday Laurie!
Hope you have a wonderful day with friends and family.
Great vintage birthday items.


Happy, Happy Birthday! The Fella's birthday was yesterday. Mine is coming up on the 17th. I just love a fellow Capricorn!


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Is it 77? Heehee! Happy happy birthday, dear Laurie! What a great collection of birthday stuff. I hope you have a great, sunshiney day today!


Happy Birthday, Laurie. Love all your vintage birthday things. Between the two of us, we have quite a big collection! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day! 36th, 46th or 77th!!! :D


Happy Birthday!! Age doesn't matter. :)


Happy Birthday Laurie,

I think you must be 45 years old today. I know you've been married 20 years so I don't think you were wed at 16 (36 was my first guess and then I thought about things)

I hope you have a fantastic day.



Happy Birthday! Have a Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Have a Happy Day! Hey!

I hope your day is filled with vintage treasures, friends and family, and GOOD cake!

Kim G.

Happy Birthday Darling Girl!!!


happy birthday laurie! i'm going with 45 also... i'm fairly certain you're not eligible for medicare yet... lol... and you've never mentioned being a child bride (though i'm positive you'd have some fabulous photos of said child bride... ;-)

hope you're having a lovely birthday and that you find some special something for one of your collections today... jeannieTX


Happy Birthday!

Based on clues, and your own photo, I would say 36 (candles), 46 (party picks), or 49 (7x7... my hubbie says that's the PERFECT birthday... guess how old he turned?).

Whatever the case, happy birthday. Guess all good birthdays are in this month!
Blessings, Kim


I guess 45 too, due to the record. But you can use the pins when you turn 77!
Happy Birthday, whatever your age!


Hey Laurie..if it is 46 you are my age but not for long as my birthday is in may..:) I hope you have a goofy fun filled day..I love all the memrobillia you have..it is fabulous..:) my head is still reeling from the bed jackets though.;)

Vintage Home

Happy Birthday and thanks for the LOL pic of you!! I'm guessing 46 - not because I think you're 46 but only because it makes me feel better about MY age - which also increases later this month...hope you have a fantastic birthday!!
(btw - loving that HB ribbon) -amy


OK, since I know the answer it was a little easier for me, but if you take the # of birthday candles + the price you will easily come to the right answer. Or, just the 46 in the party picks picture, but I like the complicated route. Happy, happy, happy birthday!

twinkle beverages

"Happy Birthday to You!
all the nice things
Anyone could be
So here's a happy
Birthday Wish
To you
from me."
-vintage card.
Happy Birthday Laurie! Have a splendid day.


Happy Birthday fellow Capricorn!
Wishing you a wonderful and
happy day.
Lot's of Birthday Hugs,


I wish you the Happiest of Birthdays! May year #46 (is that right?) be one filled with joy and adventure and being toward the front of the line at plenty of estate sales. :)


Happy Birtday!! Once you hit forty you start counting backwards!!

Sandy McClay

Happy Birthday Laurie! HOw does it feel to be 29???? LOL You have sooo many cute items! Hope you got just what you asked for!

Julie Boyer ~ Pieceful Bits

Happy Birthday to you!


Found your comment of such pretty things!
Love your blog!
Your new follower


Happy Birthday!!!!!! I know you aren't 77! Hope the New Year brings you tons and tons of great finds! Have a great birthday!


happy birthday! i sure could use some of those things for the vintage themed birthday party i am throwing my newly turned one year old this weekend! too bad you aren't 7 or 77 because those buttons are adorable!


Happy Birthday! And I think I always post the same thing every time: you collections floor me! I love stopping by to see what you'll pull out next!


Happy, Happy Birthday to YOu!!! Wishing you many more vintage treasures to find! You know I'll be here watching and drooling along the way!


Hey Laurie!! Happy belated Birthday to you!! Love all the birthday vintage goodies in your post...hope you had a marvelous wonderful day!! *elaine*


Interesting how everyone's trying to guess your age! As the Mary Engelbreit quote says, "Don't count the days - make the days count"! Have a great day and an especially "magpie" year!

Jayme L.

Happy B-Day Laurie! You might be 46, but I'm sure you feel like 36. And you don't look a day over 30.

Love all the wonderful vintage birthday stuff. Hope this year is your very best.

Jan Hamill

Happy Birthday Laurie!
Forget all these numbers..as my Dad says "You're only 21+!" (and he should know..he's 89 yrs young!)

Shelley G in Iowa

Well, Happiest of Birthdays to you, Laurie. I'm sorry I'm a day late (that's when I get my feed.) I hope you had a wonderful day and a cake as big as the one on the cover of the record! Either that girl is small or that cake is BIG!


Happy Birthday Laurie! :-) I hope you had a good day. Thanks for the laugh about your detective post. You are so funny. Hope to see you soon.


Happiest of Birthdays! I just found your blog and I am so glad I did!


Happy birthday, Laurie!!! Love all the fun birthday goodies-- love those vintage graphics!


Happiest of birthdays to you! I love your blog and all the wonderful treasures you share with us! May this year bring you many many more treasures to share!
You look amazing for 36,46 or 77???


Oh, I'm two days late. I hope your birthday was a really good one! As for your age....you are either 77 or 36, 49, 46...wait - what?! I happen to know you aren't a day over 25!! You're welcome. Happy belated birthday. :o)



Happy Birthday!!! I hope it is a really great one!!! I am sure you must be the 36 from that box of candles. You just look so darn pretty and sprightly!!Have a big piece of cake for me!!


Happy Birthday Laurie. You are my favorite person in blogland and you inspire me every single day. I hope you have a joy filled day. You certainly deserve it. Penny


Happy Birthday! Your birthday collections are sooo fun. I hope it was a happy day, here's to being 36 again lol! Fun to tie in the numbers with your photos...

Birthday Blessings!


Happy birthday to sweet you! And, I loved all of the vintage BDay items.

Warm blessings,

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