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January 28, 2010


Sue @ Serendipity

A sink in your studio?? A window and cabinets too - how lovely!! And the decor is divine - space for a bunch of pretties-love it all!


Wait...insane? I think not :)Fun, fun, fun! -And room for lots more :)
Makes me wanna run out to the nearest estate sale- or into my nearest cupboard.
Have fun today!


This must be what heaven looks like! Glittery, sparkley, spun cottoney heaven!

Let's see the other side! And the next and the next!


Oooooh- I could play in there for hours and hours- like I know you do. I don't have room for a studio but I am looking for a table or desk to add to my guestroom to make a little "studio" space for myself.


Wait. I do have room for a studio. It's called my general store. Hehe- sort of forget about that. But I am not quite ready to tackle it. As in we have not won the lottery yet ;)

Sandy McClay

This is your studio??? You lucky girl! HOW MUCH FUN! I will have mine up and running next week....what till you see what I did! :) :) :)


I'm surprised that you manage to discipline yourself to leave this little fantasy world each day! It looks like so much fun! How big is it anyway?


Oh thank you,thank you,thank you!!!! It so nice of you to do a silly request from one of your blog friends. The little birds in the 13th picture is what I noticed that made me want to see more. I love them, they are so sweet!!
I agree with Shara I think is what heaven looks like!! Thanks again!!


Your studio makes my heart do a little "happy dance" How I long to have a little space of my own, maybe someday. For now I'll have to keep looking at yours and drooling :) Thanks for the closer look!


wow you do have alot of stuff but then I do too..its our studios for crying out loud..love that you have a little sink too..:)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'm so glad that you took closeups, because there's no way that I can climb up there on that counter! With all of that great inspiration around you, I'm not surprised by the cuteness that comes out of there! But whatsa Flower Fashioner?


Yes i double clicked and love it all!! The little blue kids cupboard is very cute:) Thanks for sharing. Oh I was going to ask you is it hard to make the button flowers?


Such a fun, creative space! I love those beaded flowers-- so cool!


Perfection! :o)

Vintage Christine

Creativity, thy name is Laurie. Awesome, girl.


I love the first picture, you look so relaxed and happy.
I think that should be your banner. Really cute stuff you make.....


Yay!! I LOVE this post! I clicked on every photo to see it bigger. You have the best stuff! Now let's see the rest! ;)

Curiously, that little Susie girl you have on your window sill looks like the cartoon version of my little sister Suzi! So cute!

Mermaid Debbie

Looks like a wonderful dream to me! I see so many things that I love, love!


I always think. How do you dust all that stuff? WOW
I am a less is more person.


Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

Goodness gracious sakes alive!!!! What a set-up you've got going there. It overwhelms the senses...in a good way of course. When you asked, "what is that behind you?" I assumed you were talking about my rear end. Sadly, it has grown quite large over the past couple of months. I was quite relieved you were talking about something completely different. WHEW!!

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