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February 28, 2010



I've got my eye on a couple of things. I hope I'm lucky tomorrow night to get them!! I love Easter decorations, especially after a long winter here in Michigan.


oh I am so loving the last photo..of the chicks..they are so precious..:)

Vintage Christine

My my, our little Ethel has been a busy girl! Gonna go over right now to see whatcha got and then revisit tonight. Tooooo cute, as always!!


Those ducks are fabulous!

Into Vintage

I have my finger on the trigger and I'm setting the alarm clock to go off this afternoon so I don't forget. Those chenille ducks are so fun with their big ol' beaks and googly-ish eyes. Thanks Ethel.


Okay here is to another no one get near the computer night, as I sit like a vulture waiting for the goodies to arrive!!


Can't wait:) I thought it was five my time but I will be back:)Love them!!


Wow, what a great use for those tins!!! I have some around my house and had no idea what to do with them.... Your baskets are so magical, I love the one with the lamb in it.

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