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February 27, 2010



I swear you have the best luck of anyone I know at sales! I would be doing the happy dance if I could find even half of the goodies you find. I am glad to know that they will go to a good home and come out even better in the end after you work your magic. And who knows maybe through Etsy we can share in your great finds! :o)


Wow- it would take me a year of sales to find that much good stuff. Awesome finds again- thanks for letting us pitiful folks admire it! I'm sure you will do amazing things with those ornaments.


I swear, there is a golden aura surrounding your post today-- hee hee! So much great stuff!!! Love those socks and those candle ornament thingies-- such a great find!

Mich in Mich

Hey Miss Magpie,

I love what your eyes have found! I have those same little cake molds.. and I made a little craft with them... want to see what I did? Then... click on my smile, wink, nod blog:

Your Pal in Michigan, Michele


It's all just so scrumptious!

Loving those nut cups. What a fun find!


Hi Laurie,
Oh goodness........you certainly
did find quite a few vintage
treasures!!!!!! LOVE...the
nut cups, wreath ornaments (really
like those) and what cute Christmas
stockings!!! Lucky Lady.

Sandy McClay

My gosh Laurie! You are so lucky at these sales!!!!! I have to see if I can find some of these in Mesa!!!!! Is there a website or is there a special part of the want ads for these sales???? Good score for sure!

 Linda @ A La Carte

You once again have scored at a sale. You really do have good luck and a good eye.


SCORE!! I can hear your squealing all the way in VA.


Hey Laurie,
I almost went to that sale, but decided to stay home and save some money. Now I wish I had gone as it looks like it was a really good one. I need to run over to Mitzi's to see what she found. See you soon!


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think that sale was put together with you in mind, because it had so many things that you look for! Are the Smokeys just stickers, or are they little cardboard thingies? I am not above begging for one!
Happy Sunday!

Joy Bayer

Love your new treasures!


I just did the same thing, going back to a Estate sale because I knew I missed alot, the next day was great no one was there and I just took my time digging and came home with another box of goodies.


Good grief, those party cups! AND the ornament picks! I haven't been to a sale like this for soooo long!

Shelley Germann

My, oh my! So many goodies in one spot! A sale like this could spoil you for the rest of the year!

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