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February 18, 2010



Brilliant - it looks amazing. I still say you should have kept it's original use in mind and made it a tooth brush holder for the bathroom - ha ha. Your creations will look lovely displayed on it.


I knew it would make a great tree stand! Awesome!


love love love it, such a great redo!!


Love it, love it - I had faith in the Magpieness of it!!

Kim G.

Your mind is twisted in a fabulous sort of way. Hee hee! Love your potty tree! No, really, it is great, who else would have thought to buy an old toilet snake? Very clever miss Magpie!


Great re-purpose for that fabulous snake! (Whoever thought to make a toilet snake in pink anyway?) It's perfect for a tree base! Pretty soon you'll be able to write an entire book on all the great re-purposed things you've made! :)


I have to say I was a little worried when I saw that snake, but just for a moment. I had faith in you. You didn't disappoint, what a wonderful use.


it turned out great..what an awesome idea..you truly have an eye for stuff.;)


You are amazing! How awesome is that? Love it. Hope you are doing well!


It's your charlie brown tree - it just needed a little love! And a pink toilet snake! So fun!

Into Vintage

I have to second what Kim G. said! You are very clever with your wacky finds, Ethel.

 Linda @ A La Carte

I remember you showing this to us and I loved the chippy pink a lot. Great use and so cute!!


You have to be the most creative person on the planet!! Love it:)

Sandy McClay

Honest to God....this is what I saw you doing with this! I guess like minds think the same! LOL I think it is awesome!!!!!!


I think the sewer snake made a charming base and I love the color. My family thinks I am crazy too with some of my more creative finds. Penny


Hey Laurie - I am having a swap on my blog - thought I would mention it to you. I hear a rumor that Bloglines is running slow. Didn't want you to miss out if you are interested at all!


You're genius! It'll be right at home with your collections.

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