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February 10, 2010


Jayme L.

So glad you had a successful trip. That little girl is darling! Of course you're in the top 10 - your blog is fabulous and always an inspiration.

C. Dianne Zweig

Laurie, thanks for writing about me ...but now onto more critical matters...I love the nodding doll.. I would have bought her too.....I am not familiar with this type of nodding doll...I have just begun to collect other small dolss with big eyes ( 1930s and 1940s).

Do you have more info on this topic? Dianne


Oh I am so glad your blog was in the top ten beacause your blog is fabulous!! I love all your collections, must be as I love the same treasures!! The doll is in perfect condition:) I have never heard of such a doll. Have a great day!! I am sure it feels great to be back home!


Your blog should be number one! Your pictures are pure eye candy. You might not know this but your studio has been open for tours while you were out of town. Yikes! Let me say that you just might wake up one morning and find a yard full of us lined up to see this craft haven in person.


You should be in the top 10!! or the top 1!! The double nodder is quite the QT.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Congrats, but you're #1 with me!
That nodder is so cute. Will she live in the house or the studio? Well, wherever she is going to do her nodding, she is so Magpie Ethely!


I can see why you couldn't resist her! She's adorable!!! Can't wait to see more of your finds!


Congratulations on the win! You have a super blog. I've never seen a double nodder..she's cute.


I love that nodder, and a double at that! My nodding reindeer just make me laugh, and I can never pass them by without giving them a little tap. I think I need a year-round nodder. You're in my top 10 always, you know.

Thea Villasenor

I had such an awesome time with you, Lynne and Angela!! I love hanging out with girls that love vintage! I can't wait until the next time!!!

Thea Villasenor

Congrats on the top 10!! You are such an inspiration!

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