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February 16, 2010



Oh my, I LOVE that Marie Antoinette doll on the mantle!!! That place looks so cool!


Goodness... you must have thought you'ddied and gone to heaven! Fabulous store... thanks for sharing... especially love the painting of the girl and boy... reminds me so much of my own mantle painting.

Oh... and the spun cotton people... oh my goodness... love those too... cute way to display them too.


Now that does it! I want to go there. We go all over the country but never anyplace in California! That's got to change! I'm going to the city by the bay soon!

Thanks for the motivation!

Sadie Lou

When I saw the Romantic Homes Ad, I realized they buy a lot of Etsy Wholesale. Did you recognize a lot of Etsy Artists in your visit?

Vintage Christine

Ha ha, it looks just like your house! That's definitely going to be a stop on my Cali visit. Where do you get the self-control, though--but I suppose you know you can make alot of that yourself, huh?


So many wonderful things to look at. I'm always amazed at how some people can make so much "stuff" look so good. My "stuff" just looks like piles - these pics are totally inspiring, what a fun place. Thanks for sharing.

I notices some pieces from etsy artists as well. Fun.


I might have to tag along on the next trip. Much as I love every little thing in that shop, in my current mood I really want that multicolored floral sofa!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

That wall cabinet is fantastic! And alot of the stuff inside looks very ME. That's Magpie Ethel! I want to know if there was anything that you had to leave behind because there just wasn't enough room in the car? Did you have to hold back?


Love that mushroom! I've been into mushrooms this past year. I've picked them up here & there, but have yet to do anything creative with them!


How amazing is that store! Thank you so much for snapping all those photos and sharing them with us! Especially those shallow shelves! I'm definitely going to have to build some of those in my new house when we move...so awesome! I can just imagine the little display you can put together in a shelf like that too. The shallowness of it is key...almost like a wall sized shadow box! :)


Way over the top...the store was awesome and all the eye candy was out of this world...this is actually a place I would love to visit too...thanks for taking us on the trip with you by taking the pics for us to enjoy...the shadowbox wall is to die for...thanks a bunch my friend.. have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams! grace peace joy & many blessings 2 u, Marlene

Kathy Groove Cloth

Oh my gosh! You DID copy those cabinets! So this is where you got the idea!

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