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March 11, 2010



Love it! Your ideas are always so cute-and I have been using this one for years!


Great idea!! I have a full school size chalkboard in my barn that will go in my studio at some point and I love this ledge idea.


Such a great idea! I also love how you spelled "Watch your head" with the blocks-- so cute!!!


Chalk up another great idea for laurie! :~) I have a big old blackboard out in my garage and I really want to hang it up somewhere, but I haven't found the perfect spot yet. My Step Dad rescured it when a local Church "cleaned out" the old Sunday School rooms. It weighs a ton!


SHUT UP!!! That is too cute!! I want the doll house too please!!!


Genius!!!! Adding that to my list.


You are the gal with creative mojo...LOVE the shelves...thanks laurie for sharing with us blog"ettes"...have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams! Marlene


Love it! Perfect solution and so simple. Now, where can I put one?

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

This is a grand idea, Laurie! I'm thinking of trying to make a shelf like the one that holds all of your birdies. All I would need is a long narrow piece of wood, and something on the front to keep things from falling off. I haven't found that "thing" yet, but I'm sure I'll find something one of these days!
Have a great weekend!


That's perfect, and thanks for the idea! My only concern is that there's not a lot of room for additions to the chalk-box collection. Surely you're not done! (You could always rotate, though.)


What a great idea. You are a very clever girl.


What a great idea!

I love the doll house too, could you do an entry on that please?

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