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March 18, 2010



I'm a Kansas born gal, so Rock Chalk Jayhawk. (They are going to win the National Championship this year!) I'm pretty sure this is my pal Melissa that I sold a bunch of 1940's KU Yearbooks to - small world in blogland!

Love the ribbon - it's awesome!


you have the most creative imagination ever...I love it..wish I could go to the farm chicks show..what a blast..but I would come home broke..:) besure to take lots of photos.:)


You are so talented, that ribbon is so cool. Thanks for sharing


I love the badge!! I have been meaning to make some for us to wear when we go to the flea market and this post has inspired me to get going on that project. Thanks. Penny

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

What an amazing, one of a kind ribbon, and I bet Melissa will wear it with pride! It's a little work of art!


I'm trying to find it in my heart to say something TRULY TERRIBLE about that ribbon because my team (Syracuse) is a No. 1 seed, as is Kansas, and it is quite painful to see something Jayhawk. Quite painful. Quite, quite, quite paniful. But - given the subject matter - it came out great. I guess. It would be better if it were Syracuse, though.


So painful, in fact, I made a typo. Sorry. Either it was my shaking hands or the tears streaming down my face.


Holy guacamole! This is so rock the chalk awsome! (Okay, what does rock chalk mean?) I want to be you! You rock!


It is WONDERFUL!!!! I just saw it and can't wait for it to arrive. What perfect timing as KU will play their first game tonight. I am so excited that I made your blog too! And yes, I am the one that bought Shara's old KU yearbooks with the intention of crafting but I am sure that nothing I could have made would have been as great as this ribbon. I love the story about the newspapers, it was just meant to be, as is winning the championship this year too!
Rock Chalk!!!


What a wonderful addition to your blog. Just stopping by to see all the latest finds and I found something near to my heart...my college mascot...looks like I'll have to make it since it's not in your shop yet. You inspire me as always. Avid follower, Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU! Renee in Kansas


It's fantastic. I want to wear one every day, just because they are so darn cute. I love when your selvaged things just find there way into something that was meant to be. I particularily love the tail feathers. Adorable.

Into Vintage

Ha! My mother was a Jayhawk way back when - she was probably in one of those yearbooks Melissa bought since she was there during the 40's. Wouldn't that be weird?

Yet another fabulous creation by Ethel. Well done! -amy


Love, love, LOVE the badges! I am planning to use your tutorial to make badges for my coworkers for a team-building melee coming up. Yours are so cool!

I wish I could go to Farm CHicks this summer but its just too far...


w00h00! I'm also a Kansas native and attended KU - LOVE THIS!!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


Fabulous! I love the revamp!

(no need to respond to this comment!)


The luck of the ribbon is working. KU won last night!!
It is fun to see that others are Jayhawk fans on your blog. Of course they are, they have good taste!

Rock Chalk!!!


Good gosh - that's just darling! :) Nancy

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