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March 29, 2010



I have a love for stationary too... Although I mainly just like to collect it. Seems that I do not know enough people to send letters etc to.. As much as I like email, I do miss the days when you would walk out to the mailbox, and inside was anote addressed esp. to you. I think I might need to just send out some random thinking of you letters via good old fashion snail mail!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I have a thing for vintage stationary too. I think it started when I would write letters to my Grandma when I was little, so I always wanted some cute paper to write on. And I miss birthday cards in the mail! Everyone sends me cards via the computer now. It's just not the same!
Welcome Home, girl! You had great posts while you were gone, and I'll expect to see a picture featuring you rappelling tomorrow, okay?


Me too! I love to send and receive cards and letters. I had those oval sparkly thank you notes in my hand today and didn't get them! They are adorable as are your lunch boxes.


love how you have your stationary stored in lunch boxes..how creative..yeah I love getting mail the old fashioned way too..hope your "soggy" day was a good one..we did taxes..yuk..;)


I have a stash of vintage cards and stationery, too. I think people must think I'm a bit crazy when they receive a pretty, glittery anniversary card from me that is slightly yellowing at the corners!! Looks like you had a blast on your vacation!!


HI Laurie, found your wonderful fun blog on Elizabeths of creative breathing. so glad she mentioned you! marking you as a fav and will be sure to come back! stop by for a visit at my blog when you get a chance.


There's nothing like an old fashioned letter.


Yes, nothing like getting a card or handwritten note in the mail! And I, too, would rather get a birthday card than an e-card. I make my own cards - lately have been using game cards from vintage Monopoly and Clue games to add a little flair to my greeting cards. It's a fun look. But I love the idea of using vintage stationery as well.


Laurie, I look for the old-fashioned moments in my day. I love old cement sidewalks - go figure. A walk in the rain to a real mail box would be heavenly! Enjoy your day! Elizabeth

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