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April 06, 2010



Oh happy day when the sun is shining, my son has a baseball game, my daughter is spitting sunflower seed shells from the bleachers, and I have a nice cold soda in hand. Play ball!!!!!


Oh happy day when my grandkids visit, nothing makes me happier. You make us happy with your blogs, have really enjoyed seeing your crafts and finds.

Dollie's Creations

Oh happy day when my sister, brother in law, and nephew are in town! I love reading your blog! Congrats on 403.. I can barely make 100 :) Hope you are having a great day! Dollie!


Oh happy day when you are at the front of an estate sale line and the doors open and you head for the basement and everybody else stays upstairs and you discover boxes of vintage holiday items, crafting bits and pieces, a box of milk glass, some old tablecloths...and everything is marked reasonably! This would be a happy day...or oh happy day when I check out your blog and you have updated-that is a happy day! You have made me smile many, many times! Congratulations on your 403rd blog! Keep them coming!


Oh happy day when I can lay in bed with my kitties.


403?! That is a lot!! How long have you had your blog? I am a poorly insuffiecient blogger compared to you!! I am also glad my mouse family is faring better than your gerbils. From what I unsersatnd Mice make excellent Mommies.Thankfully. I think we would have all freaked out pretty good had the babies been eaten!

Nancy Jane York

Oh Happy Day when I have my health as I age my many new blogland friends and take a nap with my Weimaraner Pan each day. And not to forget my beloved husband is in good health too and still hanging in there after 48 years with me !!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh happy day...when the mailman brings me a package from Magpie Ethel. shameless..I know...
Oh happy day...when the wind chimes are singing with the birds while I sit outside on my swing.

Congrats on 403 posts! I have enjoyed many of them!


oh happy day when i (or another lucky follower) score this adorable collection of vintage goodness!


Oh happy day when I see my Savior's face!
Blessings, Kim


Oh Happy Day... when I buy a new mouse for my computer and yep! that's what was wrong the whole time. And... it's wireless! Holy smokes, what will they think up next? Congrats on 403!
Thanks for all the joy.


Oh Happy Day... when my shaggy dog looks up at me with a silly smile-- which is every day!
Congrats on your 403rd post-- I'm so glad I found your blog. It's always a bright spot in my day!


OH happy day when I wake up to the sound of birds chirping on a sweet spring morning! Nothing beats it!
have a great night!


Oh happy day when I craft a fun card or gift with my collection of vintage goodies - and more happiness when I send one of my creations as a surprise to a friend or relative. Of course, reading your blog makes me happy as well. Congrats on your blog success and all those posts!


Oh Happy Day when I wake up to another new day to enjoy with family, friends, and animals. 403 is really something!! Congratulations and here's to many more,

Angela Chelette

Oh happy day when Jesus washed my sins away!! And it was a happy day when I found your blog...love all the wonderful vintage stuff. You are so great at finding cute things to do with all the little doo-dads that some would discard. I'd LOVE to win this delightful stash! Angela


I'm truckin and junkin!
Congrats, Magpie friend!

Mary Ann

Oh happy day, any day off from work, able to sleep in til 7 am.

Mary Ann

Oh happy day, any day off from work, able to sleep in til 7 am.


Oh Happy Day when I am sitting in the swing with my party bird, enjoying a slice of lemon cake that had vintage candles on it, plenty drinks with fun striped straws and paper umbrella's in them, while dreaming away of playing bingo and winning a spun head girl.

You have made me smile 403 times over. So here's a "Oh Happy Day" to you and all the smiles to you bring to everyone!!


Oh Happy Day when the sun is shining and the birds are singing and their are TONS of yard sale ads in the newspaper!

Congrats on 403!

Kayte Vaughan

Oh Happy Day...Nothing warms your heart more than when your children call to you by name for the first time. My son is 11 months old and just said DADA quite excitedly when he saw daddy walk thru the door from work!


Oh happy day...When the sun is warm on your face and a gentle breeze at your back.


Oh happy day if I win those bottle brushs and one of you crafted dollies..I collect bottle brushes..and love these...Im bad at my blog...no I kind of dont feel guilty..but babysitting my granddaughter is my joy..yes basements at estate sales..yum..good for you at 403 posts...sally


Now you have to picture me singing this to you . . .

Oh happy day when I found Magpie Ethel
Oh happy day when I saw her kitchen
Oh happy day when I saw her Santa colletion
Oh happy day when I win this giveaway
Oh happy day! Oh happy day! Oh happy day!

Okay - that was probably enough. Are your ears okay? Just checkin'.


Oh Happy Day when I first found you, last spring. I've watched you go through the summer (4th of July)in total awe of your Halloween collection, and the reason I love you the most is our fascination for antique/vintage/old Christmas glass ornaments... (although your collection of Santa heads is OUT OF THIS WORLD.) Oh Happy Day... Oh Happy Da-a-aaaaaa


Oh happy day is when I win this giveaway! No seriously, oh happy day is when I am so happy I forget to worry about money, finding a job, my health, etc. Oh and there is singing. There. Is. Singing.



"Oh Happy Day when..... I am able to go get my autistic son from his group home and go to McDonalds and the park to swing and walk! It makes everything else worth doing! I am able to craft and blog and swap and read blogs, etc. with a smile on my face! It also make sme happy to meet new friends from the blogs! Such caring ladies! Congrats on 403 posts! Your fun and excitement of life rocks!! I adore your vintage style and free spirit!" Take care and God bless Fran. XO


Oh Happy Day when I win these lovely trinkets!!


Oh happy day when...I make it out to the West coast and get to raid your studio ;) Congrats on 403. I hit 350 today! Time flies when you are having so much fun.

And yes, I've been lurking again. I am trying to catch up.



Oh Happy Day when my name is drawn! :)


Oh Happy day is when I watch all my kids are all playing outside together:) I just love them soooo much!! Oh happy day when I see you have a new post!!! Thanks for a great giveaway!!!


Oh Happy Day is when I can spend an entire weekend in my craft room, not have to cook or clean for anyone, just play to my hearts content and order take out. In the meantime, Oh Happy Day will be when I win your giveaway.


Oh Happy Day when I get to sleep in!

Into Vintage

Oh Happy Day when I am packed, moved, unpacked and settled into the new place later this month...E. Gads. That's an amazing giveaway you've got going there Ethel. :-) -amy


Oh happy day when the thrift store is having a half price day and I have a little extra money and both things happen on the same day!


"Oh Happy Day when.....my mother, who has Alzheimer's Disease recognizes me." Best to you.


Oh happy day when I see a fresh Magpie post, which always makes me think what a happy day it will be when we meet (I wonder who will make it to whose coast first, though!) Congrats on 400 happy posts!


Oh Happy Day when I see Spring everywhere around me...it makes my heart sing!

Love your blog - it is so joyful. And I always love seeing your new treasures.


Tamera Wolfe

Sign me up!! Oh Happy Day when i find a big box of vintage christmas decorations at the thrift store for $1!!!!!


Oh happy day today...


Oh, Happy Day when...you visit a brand new thrift store in your area!! One recently opened in a nearby town, which brings the grand total there to three! A short, pleasant drive away - and they're even on the way to my sister's houses!


Oh happy day when my daughter's room is clean, my husband does the dishes and we have take out for dinner and I don't have to cook!

Congrats on your 403rd post!!

By the way I used your award ribbon tutorial to make some award magnets for my friends at work. come by and check it out!

Anita Roth

Oh happy day when I can have a girls weekend with my friends.Just having a time when we can do whatever we want no family or other things to have our attention.Oh happy day!!!!!1


Oh happy day when the grandkids come over and want to craft, craft, craft. We have such a good time.


Oh happy day when I click on your blog and share some time with your inspirational finds and creations. Your blog was one of the first junking blogs I discovered and I compare all others to yours. It's like sharing a cup of coffee with a good neighbor every morning. Congrats on your 403rd blog and I hope to see 400 more. Penny


Oh happy day when teenage daughter, husband, and I spend the evening chatting, laughing, and....coloring Easter eggs! All is right with the world-
Thanks, Laurie for making us smile with each post. Oh, happy days, indeed!

Kim G.

Oh happy day when the weather is hot outside! Happy 400 posts little magpie!

Shelley G in Iowa

Oh happy day when I can spend an entire day goofing off in my craft room. I used to do it all the time, but it hasn't happened in such a long time.

Happy 403+!!!

Sandy McClay

Oh Happy Day is when I get to go back to Wisconsin and be with my family....What a fun post Laurie! Congrats on 403 posts!!!! My gosh! ANd I am so glad youa re still as happy as a magpie. I am working on my badge! Have yous een everybody elses yet???? A fun project from ELizabeth at Creative Breathing! Have a great day!!!!! Oh, all this sweet vintageness...( oh Look I made upa word! ) LOL


Oh Happy Day when I'm spinning cotton on the porch at my parent's house and everyone is around and chatting away and the weather is just perfect and the chickens are cackling and pecking away right outside. Sigh...that's a happy day for sure! :)

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh Happy Day to be at home after a month at my Mother's!!! Congrats on 403 and such a cute vintage giveaway!!!


Oh happy day, when i find a garage sale that truly has sales....

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Oh Happy Day when you're one of the first ten people on the sign-up sheet at an estate sale that has lots of vintage holiday stuff, all under $1, and you need your friend to help hold it all, because your arms are full of great things!
And definitely Oh Happy Day when I found YOU! Congrats on 403 fun-filled posts!

Suzanna Burroughs

Oh Happy Day When it's Friday night and you've got a babysitter and a hot date with hubby to the movies. But seriously, I want that darling Party Bird! She's so adorable. Congrats on your 403rd post!


Oh Happy Day when I can finally get back to blogging about junk, when I can make my way across the "craft' room without falling over a pile of stuff, and last but not least, when I win this cool giveaway from Magpie Ethel!! Congrats on 403!! *elaine*


Oh Happy Day when I can finally see a spot in my craft room to squeeze in a few more treasures! Thank you for making my day so much brighter with your witty comments and exciting craft treasures. I CAN'T wait to read the next 403 posts:)


Oh Happy Day when I click on Magpie Ethel's blog and treat myself to some eye candy!!!! Congratulations!


Oh Happy day that I found you thru Elizabeth...
Congrat's on you 403rd post!
Oh Happy Day when the sun is bright in the sky and the puppies are sleeping at my feet.
Deb :)

Julie Campbell

Oh happy day when I find a blog as wonderful as yours! (Where have I been?!)

Oh happy day when I'm covered with glitter from head to toe after making my vintage cards all day!

I love your blog--what fun you share! Such a delightful giveaway--congrats on 403 posts!

Hope your day is marvellous!

Jan Hamill

Oh Happy Day when it's Friday..my favorite day of the week..which means it's the start of the weekend and maybe a few garage sales too!
I'd love to be the recipient of your loot, love that party bird!
Congrats on your 403rd post! :-)


"Oh Happy Day I've found you again! Inspiration to make the heart glad, kindness given for no cost at all. Joy filled visits wanting to never end, thoughts of the next Happy Day!"

Congratulations on 403 posts, I think I am now up to 225! Truly your blog brings a smile to my day. Elizabeth

sherri s.

Oh Happy Day when...I go to an estate sale and find boxes to paw through filled with treasures AND there are 2 big boxes marked "FREE" filled with vintage patterns. (Gee, hope that doesn't make me sound too crass...others have left such lovely sentiments!). Thanks for the giveaway. I'm a lurker who really enjoys your blog and am frequently envious of the cool stuff you find--you know, envious in a GOOD way!


Congratulations on the 403rd Post! I love all your collections as I've told you before. We must be kindred hearts because alot of ours are the same! Congratulations again and...OH HAPPY DAY WHEN I WIN :)


Oh Happy Day when they invent a time machine; then we could travel back to Woolworths and get all the goodies we want for a dime NIP!


Congrats for lasting through so many posts, Laurie! And never a dull moment, either!

Oh, Happy Day . . . when (1) I win this giveaway, (2) the Pats win the Super Bowl again, and (3) I score big-time cheaply at every yard sale, thrift store, and eBay auction this year!

Laurie - I hope you don't plan on answering all these comments on this post! You'll be all tuckered out!

Linda Meziere

Oh Happy Day when all my kids come home for a visit!
Congratulations on over 400 posts!


So many things!
Oh happy day when:
*the sun is shining.
*I find some affordable lovely vintage treasures.
*I get an hour to exercise.
*I get to cook a new recipe and it tastes good!
*I can jam or pickles or tomatoes.
*when the garden is ready to be harvested
*we enjoy fresh fruits and veggies still warm from the sun.

Mitzi Curi

Oh happy day when I have the whole day off with no obligations and a craft room bursting at the seams with great supplies (today is that happy day!)


Oh Happy Day when I can go to estate sales, yard sales, and antique shops to poke around to find treasures to take home with me! Oh Very Happy Day when I found my Jackpot Charley punchboard for only $5!!!


Oh Happy Day! When puppies come - and then when they go away (to their precious forever homes.

Oh Happy Day when I "met" my friend, Laurie.

Cathi Bruhn

Oh Happy Day when I get an email from one of my dog adopters telling me how much they love their dog--formerly one of my fosters--AND an especially happy day if they send photos, too!

Thanks for sharing all your treasures with us!

Mimi Sue

Oh Happy Day when I find a new fun blog to follow! Congrats on your 400. Mimi


Oh happy day when I found the perfect PINK cruiser...rode it at the park then came home and sat around the NEW fire ring we built FOR FREE and enjoyed a great evening with the company of family and friends!! That was just YESTERDAY....hmmmm, wonder what today will bring....

Carol Tootalian

Here are three of my most recent "Oh Happy Days" ~~~

*Waking up the past few weeks and walking downstairs with still sleepy eyes and turning off the lamp on my table in the foyer and seeing my two Magpie Ethel Easter baskets and spun head bunny girl sitting on crystal candlesticks (an idea which I totally copied from you).

*Being in my very favorite place in the whole wide world - Walt Disney World - last week with my daughter for her Senior Spring Break trip, and thanking my lucky stars for my wonderful hardworking husband who makes it possible for me to get my Disney "fix" at least a few times a year and although he doesn't share my love of the mouse, never complains about my trips.

*Last and most importantly, it was a very happy day at my house two weeks ago when I had my entire family together for the first time in four years - my mom and dad, my sister, myself and two brothers - especially since one of my brothers just finished his radiation treatments for vocal cord cancer and has a very very good prognosis. Yes - that was the best "Oh Happy Day"!

Terry Harney

Oh happy day when I find that great estate sale where I can get all the neat things Laurie has. I've enjoyed every one of your posts; your posts are so happy and upbeat! Congratulations on 403.


Oh happy day when my whole family (hubby and 3 boys!) gets up early with me to go to garage sales! And it actually happened for the first time yesterday- it was so fun! I would love to win this fun giveaway! I have really enjoyed your posts for so long now. I'm sure I must have missed some of the first ones- I'll have to go back and read them! Happy 400 plus posts!!


Hi Laurie, Best Wishes on your
403rd post!!!!!!
Oh Happy Day when I found your
Blog and each time I read it,
it makes me smile!!!!


Congratulations on #403. Your blog has given me many happy days! I especially love your estate sale finds, oh and your behind the scenes tours, oh and the photos of your lovely home, oh and the way you tend to see the "cup half full." "Oh happy day" when I hit the Salvation Army at just the right time to find the hidden treasure that no one else has found yet!



oh I hope its not too late to enter..I don't recall seeing this entry..poo on me..I love all of these wonderful treasures and loved reading your 100 pancake story..:)

Debra Ganas

Oh happy day when it's a Saturday with nothing to do but check out the yardsales. The sun is shining, the gas tank is full, and the money pouch is jingling.

kelley kirk

Oh happy day when I get to spend the day junking with friends! I love bouncing ideas off of each other and sharing in each others discoveries!!

Congratulations on #403!! You are an inspiration to me! I love pulling the pieces I have from you out each holiday! Keep doing what you're doing!


OH HAPPY DAY! I love your blog--you KNOW that already though, right?!
I enjoy reading your posts and am so jealous of all of your finds. Keep up the good work as I so look forward to what you're gonna do next!

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