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April 07, 2010


Linda @ A La Carte

That was a cute bouquet! Love those old craft books!


Beautiful job on the crepe paper flowers!

I'm a sucker for old craft books as well - I recently picked up a stack of "Here's An Idea" pamphlets; no date but probably from around the 40's or 50's. I think they're from Dennison, which means there's 1,001 uses for crepe paper in these pamphlets! It boggled my mind.


That crepe paper room looked alot like our prom. It was held in the lunch room that had a stage. we also spent weeks making tissue paper flowers(I am talking a box of tissues that you blow your nose on). Oh those where the days.


I feel like I am in good company because I have that very same flower book! Don't you just love crepe paper-it even sounds fun when you say it.
I was reading an old Easter book to my kindergarten class where the bunny was multi-colored, When I was a kid there was a construction paper that was multi-colored like this bunny. Well...I noticed that the book is by Dennison. Pretty cool, huh?


I love the daffodil you made for your friend and it looks perfect in the little duck shaker. Such a sweet gift!


Love those books! The Dennison ones are quite collectible, so hang on to them! Love the arrangement! :)

Sandy McClay

I don't know where you find all of the wonderful books, but you have a great colelction!!!! Some day I want to come up and we need to go thrifting!!!! LOL Have a great day!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

They've got the cutest covers too! I expect to see something really cute that you whipped up using corrugated cardboard, ok?
Have a great weekend!

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