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April 23, 2010



Laurie: cute cute cute! and love that you kept the original photos... guess what? GOT 'EM...lol. bought a small hatbox full many years ago and used one.... i'll need to drag them out now... most had no photos and were apparently from a pharmaceutical meeting.


Laurie, these are just precious - I love the photo on the friendly one. But I truly think I might be the "chatterbox" or "nosy".

Have a wonderful weekend.


I HAVE to have one of those badges!! How fun are they? I think "chatterbox" would probably be the one for me!
Let us know when they will be on Etsy for sure.


Oh my gosh, these are so great. Fun fun fun! I got such a big chuckle out of the "nosy" one!!
Happy weekend to you!


I think I would probably be "nosy." They are too cute! Love what you did with them and BTW, thanks for that nice comment you left about me on Suzanne Duda's blog. That was really such a sweet thing to say about little ol me.



mich in mich

VERY clever! Fun, too! I would choose "smile." Because that's what your blog does for me... makes me smile!

Your friend, Michele


Nosy, cracked me up!!! I'll take that just for the fun of it! Ok, I might be nosy too....


love those badges...I am all of them..;)


What fun!! But then all your creations are.

twinkle beverages

I didn't see mine. "Obnoxious."
Have a wonderful weekend. Love your findings.


The picture of the "NOSY" one is... MY mother!!!

eh, eh, eh, just kidding. It would be funny if someone recognised a picture. These are really cute.


I could be either Friendly, Nosy or Chatterbox! Or, all of the above!

They are fabulous!


Carol Tootalian

Mother, chatterbox and (I hate to admit it) nosy would work for me.

sherri s.

Sooooo great! Where's mine: "procrastinator." Or "dreamer." Or "Dog treat goddess." I really do love these--you're so clever!

Jayme L.

I'd like to wear a "troublemaker" one. I'm really not so much any more, but back in the day . . .


I love all of your creations. The
dolls are so cute in the first picture and the flowers dolls are such a great idea. I have always wanted to try to make a clothespin doll. I have all the supplies but have know idea where to begin.


Laurie, HOW CUTE!! Can you add my picture to one??? I want a tricked out name tag!! I've got the perfect picture!!


Well, "amazing" kind of says it all, or at least that's what everybody tells me - ha! I'm nosy like everybody else, I'm afraid! These are your greatest idea yet, and I think that's saying something.


Great as usual - and what fun you must have had making these! I like the "creative" one, but I need the "nosy" one to give to my mother! Seems like a lot of people have commented on that one. :)


Those are the best. I just love them! Great idea!!

Cathi Bruhn

Hi Magpie Ethel!

I just ordered one of your badges from the Etsy site. I'm going to the Paper Cowgirl art retreat in June and want it to pin on my crafter's apron.

If you make some more "chatterbox" ones, please let me know!

I love your blog and check it almost every day! I have just launched a creative blog, "El Rancho Not So Grande," at http://calsidyrose-elranchonotsogrande.blogspot.com/ and invite you to check it out!

Keep up the great creative work!

Yours, Cathi (Calsidyrose)

Mitzi Curi

Laurie, those badges need to be in a magazine.....why don't you submit that project to Stampington? I think they would love them!

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