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April 13, 2010



I was hoping you would show us what you did inbetween holidays. This is so cute, love the Chicken Chuck book.


I really. really like your blog!Dottie


Really cute!


So cute!! I especially love the little cardboard ones.

Nancy Jane York

Oh this is cute. You are so creative to think of having this in-between the other holidays, what better time to display the chicks.


Chicken Chuck is really happy with his new friends. That is a nice display you put together. I'm going to work on one myself.

Carol Tootalian

I love this display - especially the popcorn in the milk bottles. I am so mad because I just got rid of a milk bottle a couple of weeks ago after watching that hoarders show. I had it in my basement for years and that darn show made me go through a bunch of junk and . . . oh well!!


Over the years, I have had many chicken collections. I clean house - sell them off - and then, start collecting again. I can't help myself. Right now they sit among my old wire, egg baskets filled with fake eggs, blown eggs, etc. I love 'em. And, I especially love your wood cutout chickens. I'll have to keep my eye out for some. ~Janet

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh so cute. The book is priceless and the collection adorable!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I love a good rooster collection! And they look so great when they're all together, like they're having a convention! I've got mine spread all over the kitchen. A few I recently sent up to the attic to make room for more pottery!
Have a great evening!


I like your chickens..but what you need with them is a glass watering dish with a quart or pint jar.Filled with candy?? Love seeing what new stuff you have. Sally


I love your chickens! I have a large collection. My kitchen theme is chicken/roosters. I want a real chicken for a pet , but my husband says "Nope"!

deb christensen

i love chicken chuck! fun display!


Laurie, This post makes me smile and laugh at the same time. I adore chickens and have begged my husband for just one in the backyard as a pet. "NO" is his response as well as "And I don't want any chicken type collections in our house either!" I don't know... after seeing your wonderful collection, I might have to push the issue! Have a great weekend ahead! Elizabeth

Mermaid Debbie

Love them! I have a small collection in honor of my Great Aunt Elsie, whose few I inherited. Yours look great on your hutch.

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