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April 26, 2010





LOVE it! I bet we will have a hard time stumping you. My mother has a collection that not many have-maybe you do... toothbrush holders. Actually they are quite neat-the old vintage ones. So...do you have some?

Linda @ A La Carte

Cool idea....lets see....what do I want to see?

pill boxes


I love it! (I was surprised when I spotted my name at the top, of course!)

So, I better come up with a good one.....let's see....how about.....Hangers! (I have a bunch too).

Nancy Jane York

Okay here goes as I am about ready to post on my blog my collection of Red Rose Tea Figurines. I have about 100 of them. Let me see your collection of Red Rose Tea Figurines aka Wade of England animals.


Hi Laurie, I love it too! : )

How about vintage linens?? Do
you have any?


oops....I didn't follow your
directions. : )

Let me see your collection of
vintage linens.


Good morning, Laurie...I like flower frogs do you?


Oh, how fun!! Let me see your collection of vintage cocktail stir sticks.


Hi Laurie, Let me see your collection of Scottish Terriers - If you show me yours, I'll show you mine!! LOL!!

Jan Hamill

Laurie..I'd love to see your "Smile Face Collection"!


Lisa W.

Hello Laurie,
This is fun ! I would love to see your collection of cupcake picks. Actually - I got a few of my favorites from you !


Okie dokie- Please let me see your vintage charm collection!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

When I read Shara's comment, I was hoping you would run with this idea! I would like to see your collection of jewelry pins. Will you tell us if you have a collection of every single thing that we asked to see?!


Lew me see you collection of vintage colored clothespins! :) Just started mine! :)


This is going to be my favorite day for sure! Look at your ribbon collection - who collects ribbon? Too fun for words! I did place an order last evening at 8pm EST sharp and am so excited to get my Lodge Ribbon, I chose Nosy, and my spun doll. Wonderful! Simply wonderful! E


Let me see your collection of children's playing cards!


I would love to see your collection of "trinket boxes". I'll bet you have a MILLION!


I would love to see your collection of vintage wire hanger fom the 30's to 50's:)


You must have some scarves tucked away... would love to see your collection ~ Any VERA?


Salt cellars & spoons; children's tea sets; thimbles; pencil boxes; tatting shuttles


Hmmmmmmm. Hats? Snow globes? Sewing notions? WWI era Bavarian lederhosen?


Hair accessories! Do you have those? :)

Nancy Jo

Let me see your collection of anything with hearts.

Rise' McKnight

Show me your paint by number pictures....PLEASE

Bella Dreams

I saw the title of your post and thought that you could probably top anyone! How about milinery flowers? Do you collect those. I need to start. I just love them.


Let me see your collection of egg cups. Fun post theme! Have you seen the collection a day blog being done this year by one woman? It's pretty cool!


Let me see your collection of putzes.
Let me see your collection of things made out of bead and safety pins (baskets, dolls, etc).
I love the dog collection. This is so much fun.


Let me see your collection of vintage or new vacation souvenir's.

I collect those old seashell creatures or the picture frames that say the place you visiting.

Have a great week!

Carol Tootalian

Here's one:

I want to see your collection of lady head vases and/or collection of (what I call) Christmas girl planters. I have a collection of both and I absolutely love them and had so much fun collecting them. I stopped when there was no more room in my china cabinet, but I got most of the ones I wanted.

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