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April 16, 2010


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Why are there plates and utensils in the pattern suitcase?! Do you sometimes have a little snack in the studio? ;o)

Into Vintage

Are you good with organizing vintage fabric? If so, you're hired. :-) Have a great weekend! -amy

Mitzi Curi

My goodness, you are organized. That beaded garland was a good find. Maybe tomorrow the pickin's will be better.....


You have me giggling! Don't you just love those Western shirts, but when was the last time you saw a man wear their pants that high! May I ask you if anyone can go to an Estate Sale, and are you bidding against other people? There are so many here in Ohio, but I don't know a thing about them. I love your organizing! That is always the fun part to me! Have a great weekend ahead. Looking forward to more treasures. Elizabeth

Mimi Sue

Great finds even though not many. Looking forward to yard sale season here. Mimi


Love that garland! And I envy your organizational skills!


Maybe not the quantity you're used to, but any day that brings handsome dudes like those cowboys can't be all bad!


I have to admit that your face did pop into my head the other day when I was watching Hoarders, but it was to decipher the differences, not to focus on the similarities. True, both you and Shirley from Indiana go out and scour for cheap finds - and you both have an emotional thrill over finding something good. However, as you mentioned, you're organized, but you don't also have an organized floor to ceiling stack of old newspapers and a bin of 5 years worth of empty bottles neatly stashed in your studio. The best difference though? You turn those random bits of things into fabulous new works of art that you distribute throughout the US and beyond for others to enjoy!
So my guess is that you won't find yourself in years down the road with the Hoarders show knocking at your door. :) Me on the other hand? Who knows! lol


WOW you ARE organized! I'm very impressed. I am sure to be hunted down by the Hoarders crew myself.

I'm looking for something that most likely will only be found at Estate sales. As I live in New York City (very few good estate sales) and currently can't really walk I was wondering if you'd be interested in hunting it for me? We could trade (items or cash)? Drop me a line! :)

Shelley G in Iowa

What great garland! I love your idea for storing it, too!

You know I am so tech challenged when it comes to the computer. I now subscribe through Google Reader. I don't think that makes me a follower, but I do like using reader.


loving the patterns. Can't sew, can't stop buying them...


Oh MagPie Ethel - what would we do without you!?


Kathy Groove Cloth

I've always said, the difference between a hoarder and a collector is organization.

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