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April 19, 2010


Miss Rhea

How fun ! Love the ideas :) My son will be 25 April 25th, so I will have to give him an extra special party ! :) Cute blog :)

Nancy Jane York

Happy Birthday Ben your Mom is great to give you such a cool party.


Hapde burfday to a not so little boy who looks a lot like his mama. :-)

Linda @ A La Carte

Happy Birthday Ben. What a fun party!


My baby had her golden birthday-21 on July 21st while studying abroad in Paris this past summer. So I didn't get to do any fun things for her. I do think that the fact she was in Paris will make it memorable. :o) Her host family were so sweet to make all of her favorite foods and have a party for her. I love your decorations for your son's birthday. Your kids are going to have such good memories of growing up with a creative mom!


he looks just like you!!!! what a fun and festive 18th birthday surprise..you are one kewl chick.;)




Happy 18th Birthday to Ben!
It looks like you succeeded in making it a very special day for him!


Looks like you had a great day. (I have never heard of a golden birthday before.) Your Ben looks like a great kid, just like his Mom.


I want to be one of your kids.


I think you deserve the mother of the year award. wishing Ben, birthday blessings!!


Happy Birthday Ben!! You are so creative!! What a wonderful party!!


What a fun Hurrah for your baby boy! (He is still your baby boy, right?) It looks like a great party!!!!!

Mimi Sue

Happy Birthday Ben! Love all your ideas. It's so fun to make bdays special. Mimi


Okay, I LOVE the party hat on the deer. Too cute!!


What fun - I wish you'd adopt me!! But I'll never have another golden birthday - I'm too close to my "golden years" - I've even passed the age that was the same year I was born in - over 1/2 a century ago!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy BeN!!!


Happy Birthday, Ben! Such a handsome young man. :)


Oh Laurie, With vintage treasures like you have, holidays and celebrations MUST be over the top at your house. Congratulations on this wonderful milestone! Elizabeth


Happy 18th Birthday Ben!
Laurie what a wonderful party
you had to celebrate his special
birthday. I can see so much of
you in him!!! : )


Awwwww - happy birthday to Ben! (But does that mean there are no extra-special birthdays once you're over 31? Which, I will admit, I am. By quite a bit.)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Happy Birthday to Ben! I agree with you that your kids must enjoy feeling special on their day, and you always go the extra mile to make it happen. What a good looking guy he is. Expect girl trouble very soon! Oh, and my favorite part was the party deer!

Mermaid Debbie

Wow! You know how to throw a party! Isn't it strange having your son turn 18? I am a year ahead of you. My Joey just turned 19 last week. See you in June! Let me know if you get the badges for The Farm Chicks going again and I will spread the word!

monica kaul

that's so nice how you did his birthday. And...I learned something new. Never knew about the Golden birthday - My girl will turn 18 on the 18th too! I'm going to steal some ideas from you and do the same thing in a couple of years. Your son is adorable.

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