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April 28, 2010



Oh Laurie, lWhat a perfect room! I am so impressed. It should be in a magazine (or kept as a wonderful secret among friends).

I once went to an estate sale where the house had the sloping ceilings and lots of cubby holes into the attic. The lady who had lived there had little vignettes with her dolls and teddies in each opening. She had a tea party in one, Christmas display in another, etc. I guess your ceilings reminded me of that.


This room=perfection! How fun to sit up here and read or watch an old movie. I would be in heaven. I can't tell you how inspired you make me to do things in my old house. I don't have the neat slanted ceilings but I still can grab a lot of ideas. The little bell boy looks a lot like the toothbrush holders I was telling you about. You are by far my favorite blog! I love, love, love all your goodies and your decorating style. What fun!


Hi Laurie, I LOVE your private
sitting area and especially the
window seat. It truly is a
pretty retreat and I so wish
I had a room like that! Well...
I actually do have a small sewing
room upstairs that I now use for
(stuff) and have often dreamed
of making it into a private room
for me. However, there is so
much (stuff) in it, that I am
overwhelmed on what to do.
I want to come and live in yours!


How cozy and cute!! The fruitkids plaques caught my eye. I've never seen them, but I've seen fabric and I have two cookie jars...Albert Apple and Stella Strawberry. And I have six condiment jars...Albert, Stella, Charlie Cherry, Billy Banana, Lee Lemon, and Priscilla Pineapple. I have some of the chalk figures also. I've never been able to find out much about them. Do you know anything?


I have that little green bunny planter in my bathroom! No big surprise right? ;)

Cute room!


He is so much worse than a villian! Yuck! I hope he gets voted off this week and Parvati right behind him! I love the room. We used to live in a 1920's bungalow with sloping ceilings upstairs. I loved it but my 6'4" husband was not so big a fan!


What a charming room. & one of my hearts desires has always been a window seat!
Love love love your greeny blue vases - so cute and my favorite color!
Happy week to you,

Nancy Jane York

This is such a sweet space all for you. I love the way you have it all fixed up so neat and nice. That green on the dressers is lovely.

Linda @ A La Carte

What a wonderful little getaway room. Love it!

Carol Tootalian

I want a sitting room like yours - so cute and I love everything - especially the window seat. I have always wanted a window seat.


Oh that is one beautiful space!! I love the green dressers:) The window seat is especially nice. I would spend alot of time in there just enjoying all your treasures!!!

C. Dianne Zweig

So cottage-y sweet...love everything....Dianne

Mimi Sue

So cozy and inviting. Love little nooks and crannies. Mimi


OH I love your little retreat..it really is nice and cozy...;)love all of your decor too.:)


That Russell IS a scoundrel! I've missed the last few episodes and had been wondering if he was still there. Silly me, of course he is.
I LOVE your cozy, sweet sitting room-- it's so wonderful!

sherri s.

Perfect! I need a space where I can sort of hide away from all the distractions...not really possible in my tiny (beloved!) house.


I want to live in this room. Oh and wear the Chatterbox badge and just talk your ear off about all your fun vintage goodies. :)


I just love the fact that you truly live with your treasures. Your home always looks so inviting and charming. You are my junk guru.


That room is very relaxing, and that is the best shade of green (on the cabinets) ever. I don't watch Survivor, but I'm sure you're right about Russell.


Laurie, This is the most perfect post as I hurry my typing to be in time for Survivor (Date Night at my house!) My box from you arrived this afternoon, and I am just speechless to have received such a special handmade item from you. It is just wonderful, and I will treasure it always. My birthday Miss is over-the-top cute and will guard my new collection of birthday candles well. I must make a bluebird now for my own jar. I have posted publicly on my blog what an enormous fan I have become from first discovery. I look forward to your holiday crafting ahead! Elizabeth


Love this space!!!!


what a great little room! Nothing better then being surrounded by the treasures you love!
have a great weekend!


Crazy about the jadeiteish shade of green. YUM. Love all the cozy nooks too. That's what I like....fill EVERY space.

By any chance, do you live in Seattle? And, is your name Pat Volcheck? You look sooo familiar.

Warm blessings,


Wow, how I wish I had seen this blog 7 yrs ago! I rented a top 2 floor apartment in a victorian home at the Jersey Shore and it was such a charming place...from the 2nd floor a cute narrow wood stairway (ornate banister trim and foot worn treads) went up to the top floor which was my bedroom, AND connected to that was a little "secret room" under the eaves, just like yours! I had no idea what to do with it to make it useful...I just used it for storage. How I wish I had seen your photos!

Kathy Groove Cloth

Oh- oh- aaallllmost got into that green cabinet where the VINTAGE FABRIC is! Sigh. Will we get to see inside sometime in the next 6 years of blogging??? Tell me it's coming!

P.S. Love a number of things but especially the green frisé pin cushion!

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