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April 21, 2010



Cute things!
I recognize that mobile from my childhood!


I love it all! I think you should let us ask to see your collection of ____________ and let us fill in the blank. I bet no matter what we suggest - you have it!


Laurie, This is a payday post for me! Storks are my most favorite image of all. You have some wonderful ones in your collection. From you I am learning to "gather" things together as a display themselves. I'm giggling at the hot water bottles, now that is a collection! Irmi goodness - I have made so many into pincushions, a great use for them. Now I don't feel alone with my almost purchase of a pale yellow baby scale that was to die for! I could always keep it in a box! PS (My second grandchild was born yesterday! A perfect post for me!) Elizabeth

Linda @ A La Carte

Just cause we are not ready for more babies does not mean we can't enjoy sweet baby items! Love them.


I have the most precious iron baby bed stored up in the rafters of our barn just waiting for a time when I might get a grandchild.

Love your collection - I might just have to have a "baby" box.


So fun! I also have a small collection of baby cups and clothes. And spoons...and bracelets...
You know!
Thanks for sharing:)


Oh I love baby things and yes I would LOVE another baby:) Love all your goodies!!

Nancy Jane York

My goodness you do have a lot of vintage baby things. I bet these are kept in an organized manner too !! I have one of those things, a silver cup and spoon and fork which were mine from the 40's. I need to dig that out and take a photo to show you sometime. Nan


YOu are quite the collector of things arent you Laurie!? How sweet all these goodies are. And youre right, they are perfect for baby shower decorating!
sweet dreams

Mimi Sue

Cute vintage baby things. You'll love being a grandma when the time is right. I sure do. Mimi

Vintage Christine

I almost got pregnant just looking at all that baby stuff. I do have a small collection of vintage baby clothing and planters but NOTHING like what you have!


It's all great! I,too, am the mom of a teen and thus done with baby stuff - but still love the graphics and designs of vintage baby items. I just love those storks - and the embroidered baby bibs - and - and - well, I guess, everything in this post!


It's all so cute!! I LOVE vintage baby things!!


Laurie, Back to let you know my order arrived! I love your business card and the term Vintage Crafter. Yes that is exactly what we all are! I am thrilled with this teeny little Valentine creation and can't wait to begin a collection! As you would say, group them all together for pazazz! Elizabeth

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

The title of this post cracks me up! I think I've told you this before, but I still picture you wearing a cape, going from sale to sale, saving treasures from the trash heap. You are a one- woman rescue team!


OMG Laurie! I'm sure we must be related! I've collected the baby shoe planters and baby cups forever... and vintage baby clothing... and baby books... and baby shoes... and baby quilts... and storks!!! (everything but the baby... ;-(

As usual, it is so much fun to peek in on all your treasures... almost as good as a flea market trip... and lots cheaper!


Oh how I'd love to get my hands on that box! Gorgeous collection. I always pick up those cute planters, too! I was planning to share them on my blog this week. Hmmm, great minds think alike, huh?


I think there was so much cuteness here that I'm comment-less. Really. All that pink and blue!

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