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April 11, 2010


Linda @ A La Carte

Now that is a very cute story. No I don't think you want to make 400 pancakes, but you should have some just to celebrate!


How funny, you must have been sending pancake vibes my way because we made them this morning. Not 100 however... :)


Laurie, what an endearing story!!
I hope someone walked with you to
help carry those 100 darling


I adore the sharing of memories, and this one is great. Imagine walking two miles to school! And with pancakes no less! Congratulations 300 pancakes later! Elizabeth


I have my kindergarten kids bring in 100 of something on our 100th day each year. I must tell you that I have never had 100 pancakes brought in. You always have been one of a kind!
My most interesting 100 collection ever brought in was a bucket containing 100 cicada shells. They were brought in by a little girl that marches to her own drummer to this day!


So, I'm running out of the door this morning. What's that on the front porch? It's a box. I quickly open it up (I know who it's from). First I see a vintage card & a Magpie Ethel card. Then, 3 little trees with vintage tiny ornaments (I collect these trees), then blue tissue, I unwrap it... it's a sassy ornament doll holding a bird!, more tissue... a bird wearing a party hat. Then in a cellophane bag... a decorated egg with a tiny bunny and mushrooms, and then bingo cards, note pad & pencil, paper straws (unopened box) old birthday candles, paper umbrellas and 2 cards of buttons - pink & green. This was better than Christmas or my birthday. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're the best, Laurie

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