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April 10, 2010


Sonya-Dime Store Thrift

OH!MY!GOODNESS! Honey, I would be doing BACKFLIPS today...it warrants it:)
Hugs, Sonya

Mimi Sue

You found some great treasures! Can't wait for spring to come along with the yard sales. Mimi

Sandy McClay

You find the best stuff!!!!! Good for you....I am really going to be looking out for those bells! :)

sweet cottage dreams

Man! You really do have a reason to be doing a lot of jumping these days! You Oregon girls just seem to hit the mother lode of estate sales. Note to self...I must make a trip to Portland - and soon!

Fun, fun, fun!


Vintage Christine

Are there any other people at the sales you go to also looking for this kind of stuff? I guess most people who go to estate sales are going for the antiques and Pyrex--only a smart "crafty" person would zoom straight in on this stuff. What a haul!


You hit the jackpot two day in a row - good for you!!


No wonder you're jumping for joy! What a fantastic haul! And so much to play with - those lodge badges, the bells, the firecrackers, the anchor and more. Your mind must be spinning with the possibilities!

one gal's trash

If you ever get tired of the anchor, I can think of a certain hut in Rockaway Beach that would LOVE it!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You are so stinkin' cute, Laurie, and I would've been jumping for joy too if I found all of those goodies! I bet you can't wait to spend a few hours in your studio, putting it all away, and then creating with it! Have fun!


wow another great day of treasures..I want to see you dancing to the "jump" song...have a wonderful sunday.:>)


Way to funny!! You found some treasures thats for sure!!


Holy weekend! You found some awesome stuff! As usual I'm green with envy but can't wait to see some of those goodies transformed Magpie Ethel style! I love those candle ornament things...so unique! :)


You and your luck finding birthday candles, WOW!
I love the Ice Follies pin, because I want to be a ice skater when I grow up.
I was looking at your last post again, you know the stuffed bunny in the box is so sweet. To think back then it was put in a box to sell, now you just seen them thrown out in a bin to buy.


If I could jump without killing myself I would jump also after finding these things. You sure do hit the mother lode. We went to WallaWalla on friday..of course taking a chance without no newspaper or nickle. It was cold and there was almost 0 ys..so headed to Pendleton and on to Hermiston and home.(tri-cities). But sat. we stayed here and I hit a stash of motto pictures. Wished I would have got more but they were spendy...but happy just to look at your neat things. sally


So, let me get this right. This was your weekend, and mine was weeding, cleaning and doing laundry? Somehow I think we're still friends. Such goodness could not come to a nicer person.


Man, you scored big on both sales! I may have to move to the northwest!

That box of "transparent" straws brought a flashback of childhood days. Don't know why, but it was a happy feeling! Thanks!


In all my years of Estate Sale-ing, I don't think I've seen a better score of goods!!! My heart is racing right now after looking through your pic's. Those badges are seriously the BEST...and that Anchor is pretty amazing too♥
I think I just might Jump for you too :) The thought of what your neighbors must think made me LOL!

Kathy Groove Cloth

THERE it is! The anchor!

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