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May 02, 2010



Too cute! She is very talented! Off to check out her blog!


That bluebird is wonderful, and I need to go read her blog, because I've heard it mentioned before (and I need more blogs to read, right?)


Isnt Elizabeth precious? (as are her creations!) I love her to pieces!
happy Monday!

Vintage Christine

Sigh. Yet another blog to visit and yet more things to buy. Curse you, Magpie Ethel, curse you!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I was really surprised that you two hadn't "met" before, but I think you were destined to be friends! You both make the cutest things, and are the nicest people ever!


Everything Elizabeth creates is an immediate treasure! You both have the same fresh approach to art and it's easy to see how you could bond! I'm enjoying your blog a lot...love the way your sense of humor is manifested in your art!

Sandy McClay

I am so lucky to be one of E's blogging friends....I have some of her handmade treasures and they are so special to me!!!!! She is quite a sweetheart! I hope someday to meet her! I love how your candle holders look....she got that jat and topper perfect, didn't she?????


what a wonderful little surprise..I love the card too..it fits you to a T..;)


Don't you just love Elizabeth!! You two are so talented and both have that "fun" gene as well!

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