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May 18, 2010


Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

Vintage Christmas decorations (no Shiny Brites!)


love the baby pins the best and love that necklace..very creative.;) have a great day.:>)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I love the barrette collection! It's funny, but I can still remember the pink barrettes with daisies on them that I wore when I was a little girl!

Vintage Christine

You want US to tell YOU what to do with those things? Well, of course you stick the diaper pins in baby's head to make a nice little baby bun and then you put the barrette on baby's thumb to stop that nasty sucking because that causes buck teeth. (I invented the term "sick sense of humor", you know.) OK, then, show me your collection of birthday cake candles because I KNOW you have a ton of those!


Laurie, To miss one week on your blog is to miss too much good stuff! Oh my goodness your Bonanza Estate Sale finds are amazing. I now have a collection request! Your paper napkin collection - who knew there was such a thing! Let's see it! Look at all of the birthday candle holders you found - zowie! and plastic glasses, cute colors, and my gosh everything! Wow! I think it is so funny that you have door to door solicitors. A great crafting source of crafting inspiration if ever there was one! So many inspiration ideas to be found her. Love, love to visit. Elizabeth


Hey girl! Love your "show me..." that you're doing. I want to see something, but haven't figured out what to ask for yet! :o} One thing I do know...if you ever have a yard sale...I would seriously consider flying to the "left coast" just for the weekend. Have not been there since ...let's just say it's been a L*O*N*G time! Happy Tuesday...*e*

Linda @ A La Carte

Love the barrettes! So cute...what is the bakelite test? Oh diaper pins, I've had my day with them but it was a Long time ago!


Happy memories of those barrettes. After long and careful thought (and inspired by the clock that just chimed) I'm wondering about your collection of clocks, which you could widen to timepieces, which would mean watches and sundials and whatever you wanted.

Mimi Sue

All of us of a certain age remember those barrettes. Love that no soliciting sign. I've been thinking lately I needed something to discourage salespeople. Great idea! Mimi


Ok how aboutshow me your vintage kitchen cutlery??

Jeannie DiMauro

laurie, i SWEAR we must be related! i also have a nice collection of old hair barrettes AND have collected "ducky" diaper pins since ...well... forever... (and, of course, all the other cute diaper pins). don't think i'll exactly change my will... but...since i know nobody will appreciate all these quirky little treasures as much as you, i AM gonna tell my best friend to make sure she packs 'em up & mails to you if i die! keep those pictures & stories coming!

Jeannie DiMauro

ps... just for the record... feeling pretty good these days (so don't be watching for the mail...) heeheehee!

Nancy Jane York

Hi Laurie I love your diaper pins as I used them on my kids since the diapers they use today were not invented yet. I should have kept some of those pins, who knew?
Check out my blog for the baby cup like the one you posted.
Take Care


Laurie, I picked up an old matching hair brush, hand mirror and jar at the thrifts this week. The backs are jadeite looking? Do you know anything about brushes?

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