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May 11, 2010



You're the queen! I do OK finding snowmen and Santas and angels and plain old girl heads - but only one or two at a time, usually. The animals are fabulous.


Really great collection, It put a smile on my face looking. Now, show me your collection of vintage baby diaper pins.

Lisa W.

Wow Laurie ! What a great collection ! Thanks so much for getting it all together for us to see . I just love the cotton heads - you made my day !

Nancy Jane York

Wow I'm so impressed. I've actually never even seen these things before. You must live in the spun head capital of the world there.


Oh my gosh! They are all too cute! My favorites are the bunnies and the snowmen!

Kim G.

Time for a cupcake! You have a lovely collection here miss magpie.


Wow! I'm impressed. I think I may have seen some of these at estate sales and just saw them as junk. Put them all together and they are great. I love the Davy Crockets.

Linda @ A La Carte

When I read this was your challenge I thought, oh heck she has lots of those! Yikes....understatement! You have an amazing assortment!! I am so enjoying this series of posts!


I can just imagine some little boy about my age asking for a Davy Crockett birthday party!! LOL!!


I had a chuckle at the snockered men! Thanks for sharing. Come for a visit.


Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

Wow! So glad I came upon this blog! I love all your vintage scrumptiousness! Consider me a new Friend!



OMG! Such a FABULOUS collection! It's hard to pick a favorite. Oh, and thanks for the clarification on the monkey pick-- too funny!


I have enjoyed viewing all of your collections so far!!

Show me your collection of vintage tablecloths, please!!


I think we are also seeing a glimpse at your clear bottle collection too!

*Pretty sure that is actually Mr. T and not a monkey. ha!


Oh my goodness what a sweet collection! amazing! you have the neatest stuff!


Laurie, Some of these just make me giggle! If you ever get around to making something with the Davey Crocket heads you must let me know! I have my husband's DC cereal bowl and mug in clambroth glass. How perfect! This was such a fun post! Thanks for sharing! Elizabeth


Ooooohhhh...this is quite possibly my favorite collection of yours! LOVE the zoo animals!! And what in the world are those two characters laying on the table below Abe Lincoln and friends? Deepsea divers?

Oh yeah...And I thought I of a collection I would love to see if you're willing...your collection of crepe paper creations! I'm thinking figures, flowers, nutcups, etc. :)

Lisa W.

Ok Laurie .... Do you have a Nut Cup collection that you would like to share ? They could be paper or plastic. I don't think that they were made out of anything else.


Oh Laurie...what am I going to do with you? Those Davey Crocket ones are cool.
How about...show me your crepe paper honeycomb collection!


Your Davy Crockett picks could also be WV Mountaineers picks!

Heather Donohue Crafts

There are no words...but that won't stop me from commenting. Spun cotton heads (generally with angel, snowman, or elf bodies attached) from our family Christmas tree are a big part of what got me hooked on vintage Christmas stuff in the first place. Your collections are fantastic, and what you create is wonderful. Keep on keepin' on, sister!

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