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May 25, 2010



Snap is played like war or slap jack. Here's the complete rules - http://boardgames.about.com/od/cardgames/a/snap.htm. The incomplete deck with "Sunny Jim" looks like the version of Old Maid I played as a kid.


Cute stuff as always. I have a bunch of these cards too, but mine are destined for my Etsy Shop. I do have a set that has Basset Hounds on them, and they are just too darned cute to give up!

What will she post next week??????


All of your cards are so much fun!! The great graphics and colors...wish I had saved some from my childhood. We played cards all the time,


Another great collection!! I have a few and you inspire me to be on the lookout for more. The graphics are such fun!


Cute!!! Cute!! Love the Scotties


I love the dogs and the birds. Thanks for another great collection challenge! You make Tuesdays fun.

Carrie Murphy

I can NEVER resist these when I find them.In fact...where are they?I have so many crafty ideas for them and have yet to get around to them.Off to the basement to dig out my collection...Thanks for sharing.

Linda @ A La Carte

Awesome collection of cards!! I just continue to be amazed at the fun stuff you have!!


I looooove the dog and horse ones! Maybe I will start to collect those too!


Some Cards???!!! Awesome collection...we always knew you were playing with a full deck...Teehee...I crack me up sometimes...:o}!!! Thanks for stopping by the mobile face lift post. I feel like I'm putting lipstick on an aging old lady...but it's making me happy, so what the hey. *elaine*


Whoops...senior moment,Laurie...the thing about the mobile home was supposed to go on Kudzu's blog. Sorry for any confusion...my state of mind more often these days :o{!! *e*

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Great collection Laurie! I want to start a collection of these, but haven't found any yet. I think I need to start digging in all of the boxes at estate sales and the flea market. I'm hoping to find a vintage Old Maid deck. I remember playing that with my niece and nephew for hours!


Fabulous! I knew you wouldn't disappoint! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!


Fabulous! What a haul. I love the Pinochle one with the kittens on it!I have quite a collection of kids' card game sets myself - I use them for making birthday cards. My favorite set, which is called "Orbit" has some great "space-age" graphics on it, a la The Jetsons!


What a fun collection of cards!

I just thought of another one I would like to see-"Show me your collection of marbles". I am afraid unless this three day weekend gets here I am going to lose mine!!

Cathi Bruhn

I love old cards too but your collections beats mine hands down! I like the old Whitman games, and anything by Edu-Card.

Thanks for sharing your collections with us. My husband doesn't know it, but I keep my own collecting in check through vicariously enjoying your bounty!

Sandy McClay

WOW!!! That has to be a lot of sales you went to for all of these cards! I love the "Hawk"ones!!!! Cute children graphics! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for you.....:)


And I thought my card collection was impressive! :) Love the dog ones, I collect things with Collies on them, I have a few figurines, a large portrait and some Lassie books. I'd love to find a deck of cards! (Oh and I have a very big collie in the collection, too. He's about 75 pounds and loves peanut butter.)


My sister and I both collect vintage children's cards. I love your collection!!

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