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May 29, 2010



Another fruitful Friday! I love those cupcake picks. So cute!


What? You don't want festive potatoes?! You crack me up!
Great finds-- that jolly little santa will feel right at home with your fabulous collection!
Come on over and celebrate my first lil' blogiversary! (Hint: Giveaway!)


Ooops! Don't know if you even know about my blog! It's www.littleneststudio.blogspot.com

Nancy Jane York

Blue foil potatoes, okay sound good to me.
I blew it Laurie. I found out after it was over (I was away a week) there was a sale of a very old couple whom I know. She died last year and he just went into Senior housing and his stuff is all going on sale. I heard about the Christmas stuff that was out but it didn't look vintage I was told. I'm hoping it's still on tomorrow just in case. People here do not know vintage when they see nor do they want it. Nan


Jackpot! You did good, girl. I drove halfway across town and all I got was a half full bottle of silver polish.

Debra Ganas

What a fabulous seasonal score. I never find big quantities of wonderful vintage things like these.
I live in Middle Ga. Once in a blue moon, I find something vintage but never a great big bunch of stuff like you found. I have found a few Birthday candles but not much Christmas and never halloween.

I guess I'll keep on searching. And I wish you, Laurie, many fabulous finds in the future.

Mich in Mic

You're the best estate-sale shopper ever! As usual, I love all of your treasures. The blue foil was the best! But then again, I like the magazine rack... what do you think you'll use it for?

Hat's off to you! Mich in Mich

Vintage Christine

That deco vase is gorgeous. Me want!!!!!


what a cool find! i love the Mickey Mouse stand! just call me jealous : )

Linda @ A La Carte

Good buys! I love the Micky Mouse stand and the birthday candles. You really do Estate sales the best of anyone


Goodies, goodies and more goodies. You find some of the coolest estate sales...the blue foil is neat, but all those little things that you turn into your great crafts are the best. I still treasure my Carmen Miranda with the fruit on her head and the glittery wings...she hangs by computer all year long. Happy Memorial Day *elaine*


You always find the neatest stuff!! And I love that Santa.


"Fairly unusual"??? I'll say - and more like Freaking Fabulous!!
(I LOVE vintage Christmas too, and your fabulous finds consistently amaze me.)
But the Mickey Mouse Magazine rack has me literally "pea-green with envy", as Scarlett would say!


Mimi Sue

You really scored! Hope your Memorial Day was peaceful. Mimi


Laurie, I am hooked on your Estate Sale adventures! You could write an entire book on them alone, and it would be such a page turner to see what was found next! The blue Jr. Foil is my favorite, and I love that you collect (only you!) tape dispensers! Amazingly fun! Autograph please! Elizabeth


I do declare, Laurie, the estate sale gods know just what you like, and just where to put them for you to find! I never see any of those fun little things around here. I guess the "vintage" folks moved out to the northwest to retire and leave their stuff for sale!


That was a very, very, very good sale! Instead of being jealous, I'm going to try to follow the teachings of the Dalai Lama and remember that if I'm happy for the good fortune of others, I have 8 billion chances for happiness every day. He makes it look so easy.

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