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May 06, 2010



I got a little dirty this morning myself. Flowers and good, old stuff go so good together!! I planted some things in an old enamel washpan yesterday...no need to make holes in the bottom, they had already rusted through. Have fun!!

Linda @ A La Carte

That is what I want for Mother's Day some plants for my outdoor pots! Love the little hidden surprises everywhere, how cute. Those shovels are adorable.


LOVE IT! I like whimsicle touches in my garden too! I have some wooden and ceramic swedish clogs I planted with small plants like they are walking through the flowers. I picked up (for $2.) a small radio flyer red wheelbarrow which is tipped with dirt and plants and some matchbox trucks rolling through the dirt. On the curb I got the girl only of a pair of kissing swedish children-I set her to kissing the gas meter in the yard reminiscent of the Christmas story where Ralfie's friend gets stuck to the flagpole. I like the unexpected and to draw a smile.


Plants are one of my favorite Mother's Day gifts, too - but the year I got an iPod was pretty great, too - no better company in the garden!

Miss Rhea

Ohhhhhhh I envy you girls that live where it is Green :) I would be up to my neck in potting soil with all of the pretty flowers :)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I always request plants for Mother's Day too! I've bought quite a few flowers, but they're forecasting a frost Saturday night, so I'm holding off. Sunday I will plant flowers like a crazy person. It's a tradition I started on my very first Mother's Day!


Love this time of the year:) Do you have any ideas of what flowers to put together in pots??

Tamera @ The Stone Fence Cottage

I just filled my car today full of planting goodies!!!


Oh, you dirty girl... Sounds like fun. I bought some pansies a couple of weeks ago and they are looking great even with rain and hail we've had lately. I do need some more catnip plants. I accidently left the bird cage off the plants for a few minutes and Duncan nipped them off at the stem. Bad cat!


I requested flowers to plant for Mother's Day too! They are home on the patio waiting for the rain to stop so I can dig in!

I even have some Dahlia's to plant because they always look so pretty when you have them in your kitchen window.

Wonderful spring time post!Have a wonderful weekend!


Have fun in your garden! Your vintage goodies add so much extra charm! I always tell my hubby to please just take me to the antique and thrift stores for Mother's Day!

Kim G.

The best mother's day present! Love it, wish I could come up there and get dirty with ya! Hmmm...that sounded funny. Miss you girl. XO.


I always do that for my birthday! It is such a treat to indulge in plants for the garden. Have a great weekend. Penny

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