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May 17, 2010



Useful AND cute!! That's what we like!

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

Wow! I'm surprised they actually respect it enough to turn around and walk away. Good for you!


Those are the cutest signs! I love the "don't you dare ring the doorbell!"

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

These are so great Laurie! And so many possibilities too. I used to have an ugly sticker on the door saying no soliciting. It really helps if the people coming to your door know what the word "soliciting" means! One time I answered the door without saying a word, just pointed to the sticker, and this person didn't understand what it meant!


Great idea. It helps to have a dog with a big bark behind the door too! I need to come up with a weatherproof idea for a sign that says, "Please close the gate." People leave my front courtyard gate open all the time, instead of leaving it how they found it. Anyway, I'm lovin' that sign you made-- awesome!

Linda @ A La Carte

Those are very cute! What a great idea and they make the point in a nice way!!


That is such a cool way to ward off solicitors! Much more fun than the standard sign!



What a wonderful idea! I love the blue birdie!

Jennifer F

I posted a boring sign on my door for when the baby is sleeping. it says, "You wake her, you take her."

I need to make a new one in your style. So great!


So cute and clever - I need one to hang from my mailbox that says Rocky Creek Scotties - I better get crackin'.

Sandy McClay

This is a great idea!!!! And fun too! But now I am on the hunt for that book! What a wonderful book!!!!!! :) If you ever see another one would you let me know???? I will but it for sure! :)


Great signs. And you finish off the back, too. You are just too neat. That is a great book and I love the way you have bookmarked your favorites.


I have a handwritten garden marker by my doorbell that says No Soliciting. I've seen quite a few people walk up to the door and then leave after they see it. The neighrborhood kids don't know what "soliciting" means, so I still have to buy Girl Scout cookies. Somehow, I don't seem to mind that! (I think I will make a cuter sign tho...)


Oh I am so loving this idea..just for anything..thanks for the tutorial..and I love the book with all the great photos.:)

Carrie Murphy

What a clever way to take care of an annoying problem.Best of all it's done in a "cute" way.Thanks for showing us how!


I'm joining in the chorus of praise. We don't have a lot of sales people, but we have the occasional religious group who just wants to take a few minutes (or hours) to spread The Word. They're probably praying we get rid of Carson, since he greets all strangers by throwing himself at the door, standing on his hind legs to look into their eyes and barking ferociously. Good dog!


That is so clever and useful at the same time. I think it really sets a tone of "no" but with a touch of whimsy. I think it is awesome.


So cute! Let me know if it works. We have a rather ugly No Soliciting sign and somehow, maybe the way the sun hits it, the solicitors seem to think it says Please! Come in ! Tell me all about what you have! I even had a guy the other day who told me (through the closed door) ,"I saw your sign but I am not selling anything I just want to tell you about my business!" UGH!


I thought solicitors were a thing of the past. We get Jehovah's Witnesses about once a year, but that's it. Great sign ideas!

I can't believe all the jackpot stuff you got over the weekend - better tell hubby to build a second floor onto your workshop!

Nancy Jane York

I never would have thought of making such a cute sign to ward off soliciting, leave it to you !! Being this is Alaska and a really spread out subdivision with moose and eagles about we get no solicitors or so I thought. We do get Jehovah Witnesses from time to time, and one Sunday morning as we were about to leave for church in a blizzard of sorts who comes to the door but a man who wants to clean my carpet for FREE. It was a carpet cleaner salesman who stood there without a coat in the high winds trying to talk me into letting him clean my carpet for free. Can you believe that !!!
Take Care

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