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May 26, 2010



I used to find a lot of those little notes when we lived in Florida. Not so much here.

FWIW, I think the give away on the hankie holder is the size of the hole. Too small to stick your hands in and out a lot for clothes pins.

Linda @ A La Carte

Cute! I love the notes, I've never found something with a note. So cool.


I love the notes, too. I find them every once in a while.
The little hankie holder assumes me -- do you suppose people washed those separately from other laundry? Or perhaps by hand... especially the daity ones. I love hankies but it so much easier to use a Kleenex and toss it out.


How great that you got the little cup with the note. She obviously wanted someone to know how special it was!


Laurie, I wish I had many different ways to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I thought my life would never be the same with the end of Mary E's magazine. Your blog gives me the same feeling as thumbing through beloved collected issues. Something new to discover each time. Vintage Heave for sure. These notes are so sweet. Your card collection! Oh my gosh I wish I was a Keeper of Things! One day your grandchildren will adore spending time in your studio! Elizabeth

Into Vintage

And are you leaving behind little notes with all of your treasures? My mother and grandmother did and I'm so grateful to know the history of things now that they're not here to tell me. Very sweet post.


So sweet, that's one of the reasons we love this old stuff. Sometimes I just hold these things and know that someone before me loved them too. Some people might think that is goony, but I think you'll understand. I guess I'm saying that I think you're a little "touched" too!! ~giggle~


I'm one of those note leavers and have even started a file complete with pictures so that when my children need to know why I saved something they can look it up!!


Awww, so sweet. Love the little notes. Have a great day, Laurie.


Carol (Michigan)

Laurie ~ I enjoyed this blog entry so so much. I just love things like that. I have a few old postcards that I bought at a craft show and I love reading the hand written messages on the back. The note inside the baby cup is the sweetest and I'm sure that William's grandma would be so happy that it was bought by someone who really appreciates and understands the sentimental value it holds. Have a happy day!


I have some little notes that I treasure as well. I always feel a little sad when I find them because they didn't stay in the family but more often than not the family doesn't care and at least they end up with someone who loves and appreciates them. Those little loops look like old blind pulls. What a great idea. You have a happy day too.


Wonder what happened to William?

I really liked this post, something different and interesting!

Luckly my mom put notes on/in a few things before she passed away. Thank goodness she did, because sometimes I did not listen close enough to remember.

Mimi Sue

So sweet. Love to know a little more about the treasures we find. Looking at your last post I am truly in awe of your many collections. You are the collection queen. Mimi


Thanks so much for sharing those notes. I love that! So sweet, made me go "ohhhh"!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Once again, I don't understand how little family treasures like these end up at a sale, but I guess people can't keep everything! Thank goodness you come along and give these castoffs a good home!
Have a great weekend Laurie!


Oh, I love these. Especially that baby cup (which is in remarkable shape!) Happy weekend to you!


Laurie, My order from you arrived today while I was at work. What a wonderful surprise to find waiting for me. I didn't realize the little figures would be as large as they are, doubly cute! The Scottie pin has already found it's home. Picture posts to follow soon! Have a lovely weekend holiday! E PS I adore the Valentines and Bingo card, very kind of you to include them!


Laurie, everything looks fabulous this week - I especially like the little house made from that card challenge!

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