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June 13, 2010


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Your house is where all great vintage things go to find a happy home! What a great cabinet, full of character and ready to be filled with all sorts of neat goodies. Ida and Max can rest in peace, knowing that this cabinet will be loved all over again!


That is just gorgeous! Enjoy.


I love that key! It's amazing that the cabinet still has the key! Your cabinet is beautiful and Ida & Max would be happy it's safe and cherished with you.


PS: MY gift for you is still being made-- but getting there! I will let you know when it ships!
Sorry it's taking so long!


Awesome..friend..piece of furniture..and of course your luck!!
I'm sure it is happy in your most loved home!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Julie Campbell

Oh, my goodness! Can you even imagine NOT wanting that?! Sometimes people baffle me...but lucky you! It's gorgeous, and I'm sure it knows it's in a loving home!



this is wonderful! xo


I can't imagine not wanting that cabinet! And the key...! Is that wallpaper on the inside?

I wallpapered a hall closet last year. It looked so wonderful, I didn't want to put anything in it ever again. Like a grotto or small magical room. yeah, it's full of coats now and the magic is gone.

Enjoy your gift. I know one of these days you'll show it again --filled with wonderous treasures.

Linda @ A La Carte

I am so happy it found a good home, although it could come live with me!! What a beautiful piece and I love the key. Storage!! Yippee! Just beautiful!


Ida and Max must be soooo happy. That cabinet is one to be loved and how great of your friend to think of you. Love the whole thing...inside and out.


What a beautiful cabinet, and a thoughtful friend!

Carol T.

Get outta town!! That cabinet is totally awesome. I love the scalloped top. I have a little cabinet about that same size with a key too, but I got mine out of a catalog and it was under $100. It's one of my favorite little pieces.


How special!!


What a great friend. Aren't we lucky to have people like that in our life? and yes that is a great little cabinet.


Oh Laurie, the cabinet is
lovely and how wonderful that
it will be with you in your
home. It was meant to be.


Great cabinet! I'm curious..Did it come to you with any hint about the age or maker?

Tamera Wolfe

Wow--what a blessing!1 It GORGEOUS--I love the old faded aqua color, the wonderful gold on the carving. Gee-if you get tired of it I know a good home in Maryland....


What a great gift Laurie! Love the curvy legs on it.

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