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June 29, 2010



I love those vintage graphics! I remember some of those stickers from childhood-- especially the Dennison booklets and the stars. I still remember what the back of one of those stars tastes like! They don't make them like that anymore, do they? It seems that everything is peel-and-stick now. Thanks for sharing this collection-- it was really fun!


A few days ago I was digging through my "millinery" box and I thought of you. I have so much crap shoved in that box - flowers, leaves, cotton heads, beads, corsages, etc. I couldn't help but think "Surely Laurie would NOT have this mess organized like this!"

And lookey there - even your stickers are in categories!


The floral and birds are beautiful. The Easter critters are adorable. The little elephant is really cute.

I recently went through some of my old iron-on transfers for embroidery and many of the cats and dogs looked very, very similiar to your cats and dogs seals. I wonder if they were drawn by the same artist or copied?


I love the interesting stickers and love the era..love all that good old fashioned goodness.:)

Kim G.

This is one of my favorite collections so far!

Cathi Bruhn

What a wonderful collection of stickers!

I'm dropping by to tell you how many wonderful comments I received while wearing my "Chatterbox" pin at the Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat held last weekend in Waxahachie, TX. I told all the girls to head over to your Etsy shop to get their own! I see you posted a few new ones, too. I hope you get lots of orders!

Come visit me at El Rancho Not So Grande. Yours from Texas, Cathi Bruhn


Oh, oh, oh, what a wonderful collection!!!!!!

Tamera @ The Stone Fence Cottage

I love them. I have NEVER seen them at estate sales, auctions, fleas, yardsales. And that's the kinda stuff I look for. You score the coolest stuff. Maybe it's a west coast thing.

Into Vintage

I think your sorting process is almost as interesting as the collection itself -- do you use these stickers for your vintage crafting or are they keepers? It would be hard for me to part with them...

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

LOVE old stickers! I especially like the ones the teachers used to put on our papers. I think they were mostly Eureka and Dennison.

Do you use any of the stickers or just keep them in your collection? I always have a difficult debate with stickers. One part of me wants to save them, while the other part is like, "They're made to be used!"



Dear Laurie,
First of all, Thank you so much
for showing us the vintage sticker
collection that I had asked about!
WOWZERS!!!!!! You are definitely
the Vintage Sticker Whisperer. : )
I can't get over your wonderful
collection. I LOVE them all and
wish I had them. (lol) My collection is very, very sad compared to yours, like just a few packages and one box. I, too
like the packaging, graphics, boxes and foils. I also agree,
that Halloween is hard to find.
I have to also ask, do you use
them in crafting or gift giving?
This was such a fun post and I
really appreciate you showing
your fantastic collection.
Thank You, Thank You and Many Hugs,


Hi Laurie,
Please show us your collection
of vintage charms. Plastic (like
cracker jack box charms) or any
other ones, such as enamel/metal.
Thanks you Laurie.
P.S. I just LOVE those vintage
stickers and you have more???
Be still my heart.


That's a lot of stickers - some first grader would love to have you as their new BFF! LOL!

I knew if I looked close enough, there would be a Scottie one or two in there!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Wow, you have a really great collection of stickers! And you've brought back great memories for me too. I remember putting stickers on all the Christmas presents. And the Christmas card envelopes. I passed up a bunch of these a few years ago, because I just didn't know what I would do with them, other than just pull them out and look at them. Big mistake! So what if all I would do with them is look at them? They would make me smile every time! Great post Laurie!


Wow, Laurie! This really took me back. Our family used to own a paper company years ago. It was in the family for a VERY long time! We had boxes and boxes of those old Dennison stickers. I remember the small packages of the nature stickers as well as the booklets and boxes. Thanks for sending me that flood of good memories!! This was fun. Kathy


All I can say is WOW...every collection just amazes me!


You are one of the most organized people I know! I love this collection! I think you need to put all of your collections in a book. Be sure to include a chapter of your holiday decorations and maybe some crafting ideas at the back. I would be first in line to buy it! You might check into ebooks that some bloggers are starting to do now. I tell you it would sell. Who wouldn't want a litte "Magpie" inspiration?
I would be your midwest salesman! :o)


Love this collection! Another collection we have in common! I "need" that Noah's Ark seal! (I collect vintage Noah's Ark stuff) What a fun collection you have! Thanks for sharing!

Linda @ A La Carte

Love these stickers. The graphics are so fun to see again (yes I'm that old)! What a fun collection! I love Tuesdays!


You're so much fun!

We went to the Long Beach Antique Market a couple of weekends ago and I was so sad, there was hardly any paper ephemera at all. There was one wonderful booth though and now I wish I had bought the Christmas stickers! :)

Happy week to you,


Hi Laurie!
I loved these sticker booklets as a kid and if I close my eyes, I can still remember the taste of the glue on the back...it's a wonder I'm still alive from licking so many!!
It was great to see so many that I remember.

Pam Fromuth

You *weep* have a *sniffle* fabulous *sob* collection!
I KNOW FOR A FACT that you never leave them behind at an estate sale!


I love all your "vintage".

Great collection.


What a delight! Love these old stickers!

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