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June 08, 2010



The dog is my favorite too.

Hope you got a bit of rest last night before your 3:00 am shift. I would probably have stayed awake afraid that I wouldn't wake up.

I think you should show us your collection of milk bottles, paraphernalia and containers.

sweet cottage dreams

How cute!! I love the dog, too!!


Vintage Christine

But what I DON'T see is the classic Chinese kids pincushion! A must in every vintage home--I don't even sew and I have one!

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh yes pin cushions! Very nice especially the little dog. I want to see your collection of pill boxes! :)


I love the dog! Sew cute. (sorry, couldn't resist).

Recently on etsy, I saw some old figural planters made into pincushions. Your dog reminded me of them.

I hope you'll be able to take a nap today. You probably need it. Take care.


A very special little dog. I love vintage with a story. Also like the fish as it is super bright and cute. Actually I'm surprised you don't have more pin cushions...don't know why..just am.


Farm Chick Heaven! Egg carton wreath remembrances. Fourth of July this Wednesday at 5! I can hardly wait! You are my crafting hero! E

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I seem to have alot of those collections that I don't consciously collect! I love the dog the most, especially since it belonged to someone you knew. Those are the best!


How about what you DON'T collect?! Girl, you have a little bit of everything!! My favorite is that old dog pincushion. He's a charmer.



All of your collections are interesting. Have you ever answered the question "Where do you keep all of this stuff?" Do you collect Paper Dolls-I would love to see that collection if you do. (I recently did a post about being named for a paper doll)
Happy Wednesday!


The green pin cushion is kind of neat. The fabric reminds me of something you would find on an old couch. The pins are pretty cool, too.


Love them! I collect pin cushions as well. I get really excited when I find a new and different one. :)

Congrats to Ben!!


Yippee!! Thanks for showing off your pin cushion collection!! I knew you'd have at least a few laying around...and I love the dog! Not to mention all of the pretty pins they hold. :)


That fish pin cushion is so stinkin' cute I had to make one for myself :->

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