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June 15, 2010



I collect pottery as well. I am the most partial to McCoy - but I collect others - I love the sherbet colors. Love the way you've displayed yours! I have to go back an look at everything again!

I find that I have to think up new ways to display mine - I'm running out of room!

The Hull is gorgeous. My good friend has a collection of Hull - it has to be worth a pretty penny at this point.



Gorgeous!! I love all your colors, and your displays are so well edited and...appetizing! (What can I say? I'm 8.5 months pregnant!)

I want to see your charms, bracelet, Cracker Jack, whatever. I'm sure you've got some!

Thanks for sharing:)


Can I come play in your bathroom??!! I want to see your collection of old talcum powder tins now.:) I collect pottery too, I fight it and time to time get rid of a piece but lately I've just given up. Why fight it?

Linda @ A La Carte

I love your collection! I think this might be one of my favorites because I love pottery myself. I will have a post about some of mine on Thursday. I want some PINK but always find they are overpriced! I love Tuesdays and your collections!


OK, so you live in an antique store! May I come and shop your home?? :>) Seriously, your collection is charming. I have many of the flower pot variety and love all the colors. (also,I have birds in my bathroom) Your home looks like a reflection of you...warm and whimsical.


LOVED your pottery collection, but OMG, are those honeycomb MUSHROOMS?! So cute! I've never seen 'shrooms in honeycomb!

Debra Ganas

Loved all of the pottery. I have mostly green, white and cream. But I too buy other colors.
Tell us what made that estate sale the BEST ever.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You've got a great pottery collection Laurie! So many pretty shapes. I get so excited every time I find one to add to mine! And I don't think my collection will ever be complete. Will yours?


I am drooling, Laurie! What a fabulous collection, and your displays are just beautiful! Did I spy a little birdie from Florida on that shelf in the bathroom? :O} *e*


Love the pottery!! You have so many and they are displayed so nice!! Thanks


I can't even imagine what "the best estate sale ever" must mean to you. I practically drool whenever you post any sale you have been to, even the ones that you find disappointing. So to see the "best sale ever" must be AMAZING!


Love all the pottery. More is more!
Have the loveliest of days

Shara @ monkeybox

Pottery, pottery, pottery! I love pottery - of course! Wonderful stuff! I see some of your German girls in the wall pocket photo. Can we see them all someday?


Your collections are truely amazing! I'm sure they bring a smile to your face. Vintage pottery is so fun to collect.


I'd be hard pressed to figure out which is my favorite. The pink with birds is awfully wonderful. Or the mushroom and moss display. And the Hull - oh, the Hull! If I had that McCoy bird vase in green instead of yellow, it would not have been sent to the antique mall case.

Tamera Wolfe

I am loving all your pottery--but I especially covet the honeycomb mushroom and bluebird!! I've NEVER seen anything like them!!


I especially love your display of the birds & pink pottery in the bathroom.


Hi Laurie, ohhhh I love all of
your pottery and the pretty
colors. I have a few pieces of
Hull and McCoy and just adore
them. Thank you so much for
showing your collection.

Nancy Jane York

Wow what a fantastic collection. Just think none of this would be possible if you lived where I do. You are certainly in the right area.


oh my gosh...thanks for sharing your collections!! you group them together perfectly!! very modern looking, yet perfectly vintage too. i group stuff together and it looks like clutter. you group stuff together and it is magic. art. your pieces are amazing. i love the pink shelf in the bathroom with the beaded flowers the best. so pretty.
come make my house pretty next!!! take care


Wow! What a great collection! And a big one! :) I have a few pieces of vintage pottery, but I would love to collect more and display them together as you have. My faves are the blues and greens, but I love them all!

Emily Thompson

I like your blog... and your pottery!! Nice collections!

See my pottery here:




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