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July 08, 2010



Do you have a collection of ball point pens with the liquid and floating scene in it? Advertising calendars? Letter openers? Campaign buttons?


And I am glad to see you have included the "required" Scottie. But really I was looking forward to seeing you and your family model those Bavarian lederhosen.

Linda @ A La Carte

I am impressed with the variety of requests! Still what collections you do have are amazing! Enjoying this series a lot! Thanks for the updates. Your stickers are most impressive.


Well, I'm glad to see the rest of your stickers. The scottie is so cool and the cameos are very unusual. I was happy to see that many of the baby stickers matched some of the cards in my baby book that my mom started for me.

I am very disappointed that you don't have a collection of Barvarian lederhosen... and you call yourself a collector. ha!


Love the honeycomb snowman and the baby and birthday stickers!!


Well Darn Laurie, I feel cheated that you didn't have a leiderhosen collection; but what an awesome sticker collection! You are truly amazing! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead. Looking forward to your next post! Elizabeth


Well, I'm feelin' the need to state my deep disappointment about the leiderhosen also. I know you could pull that look off with your cat-eye's. Well, maybe not the cat-eye's-- maybe a pair of majorette boots. But I know you don't have those either. :)

Loved the stickers-- they're so nostalgic, I love them. The honeycombs were adorable too!


Mimi Sue

Well, you can't collect absolutely everything! But you've got almost everything. Awesome collections. Mimi


Hi Laurie, I am totally amazed
at the missed box of stickers
that you found!!!!!!! LOVE them!
I am crowning you the Sticker Queen,
as I (sob)...over the wonder of
your collection and wishing that
I had it. : ) Amazing!!! I really
have enjoyed looking at your
collection and if you ever feel
the need to hand them over....
my hand is open and ready! : )
: )
The honeycomb flower and snowman
are adorable too!
I wonder if you have a collection
of charms? yes? no?
Have a good weekend.

twinkle beverages

Hi Laurie,

"Show me your collection of __office supplies__".
I would love to see paperclips/fasteners, staplers...anything they used to make their lives easier.
Your sticker collection is amazing. All the details from gold foil to embossed surfaces. Wonderful. Have a super weekend.
Twinkle Beverages


your collection is AWESOME! your cabinet of curiosities to DIE FOR!!!
makes me wish we were best friends and next door neighbors. :)

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