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July 11, 2010


Vintage Christine

Waaal, now, ole Cowboy Bill is just a-itching fer Billie to make her big appearance, so we'll be watchin' fer the Pony Express and hopin' his trusty steed don't throw a shoe or git attacked by no Injuns. C'mon ya lil mail order bride, you. Thanks so much Laurie!!!!!


"Someone's poisoned the water hole!"
sorry--- these cowboy things make me channel Woody from A Toy Story. Outstanding dear Laurie!! These are a hoot. And charmingly cute to boot. I'm going to stop now...

Have a great day!

Linda @ A La Carte

Laurie she is so cute Cowboy Bill will be drooling for her.


Love it...Right down to the toy horse and the tumble weed. Always amazed what you find in your stash. She is too cute for cowboy bill looks like there is a new sheriff in town!

Thanks for the laughs Laurie!

Renee in Kansas, KUjayhawk


Billie is adorable! Love that flirty look. You amaze me with your ability to dream up these incredible creations. I think it will be love at first sight for Bill and his little mail order bride!


how freaking cute are they.;) you did a wonderful job on them..and I do see her giving him a flirty look.;)I just hope you brought her up right..)

Kari S.

Actually cowboy Bill met and fell in love with a girl named Kari! Hahaha, I swear your cowboy Bill looks like my Bill and he happens to have been raised in a teeny tiny town in Wyoming which is definitely on the range. Actually one of our first dates was out on South Pass (old mining town) we looked over while talking and what was eerily watching us? Yep a coyote. So he best not be drooling over Billie, hmmpphh!:)

Mimi Sue

Yeehaw! So adorable! Hope they'll have happy trails from now on. Mimi


Hi Laurie, How cute and I spy
a horse charm!!!! : )


Bill and Billie are adorable, of course, but what is with your "posse"? ... they must all be feelin' their oats. All the comments were entertaining tonight. Thanks for the laughs, you-all.

Into Vintage

Honestly Ethel, you are too much! Billie is fantastic -- a little bow-legged cowgirl...right down to her 10-gallon hat. That expression of hers is priceless.


Laurie, It seems I can only find exactly the same words to express my admiration of your work each time I visit, and they seem much too inadequate. Holy Yippie Kia Get Along Little Doggies Is This Ever Cute! (much better!) Love, love, love to visit your blog! E

Carol T.

Laurie ~ You are do funny! I loved this post and it made me smile. Billie is one darn cute cowgirl!


She looks feisty. But sweet. They don't make 'em like that any more (but you do).

Nancy Jane York

I missed this post and now I see it. Wow fantastic work here Laurie I love these two.

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