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June 07, 2010



At least tell us you waited until you got back from Farm Chicks to see what was all in the tin.

Linda @ A La Carte

Lots of very cool ornaments! Great buy!


Wow you did great!!4 must be your lucky number!!Did you find any pinwheels? lol

Just joking!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

VERY COOL vintage Christmas finds! My favorite is the Halloween blow-mold. Hey, how about you open an Etsy shop and start selling?! Bet you'd do well!



Love the postcard. Santa looks pretty good in a swimsuit!

You had a pretty good weekend, I'd say.

Can't wait to see tomorrow's blog.



Do you have any tips on how you pick your Estate sales for your vintage Christmas items. So often for me I only find vintage Christmas items in 1 out of 10 sales I visit. You are such a lucky lady. Thanks for sharing your scores with us. Renee in Kansas (KU Jayhawk)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Unless you have to catch a plane, there's always time to squeeze in a sale! That tin can sure did have a ton of goodies in it. Love the little Brillo pad gals, and I'm eagerly awaiting your post about Farm Chicks!


I think Kansas has just been dry on estate sales. I may have to pick up Renee and come out west to find the good stuff.
I know we would get along since she said she is a Jayhawk fan! :o)


WOW what great finds!! So glad you went.Love all the ornaments!!

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

Let's see if I can post yet. I tried earlier, but Blogger kept crashing on me.

OK, the only way to describe what I'm feeling right now is.....jealousy! haha! As happy as I am for you, I'm like, "OH! I WISH I were there!" Especially love the old blown Halloween JOL.

You're so much fun!


Jessica - Domestic PDX

Wow -- that is some seriously good loot you got there, Laurie! I love it when the estate sale gods come through for me. One time I got the most amazing antique matelasse bedspread for $10 only because the cashiers were soooo frazzled by the long lines that they just wanted to get customers outta there as quickly as possible. Oh, that was a happy day!


Hi Laurie, you hit the jackpot
again on your estate sale. : )
Great Christmas ornaments!!!
Love the little brillo head girls
and the spun cotton Santas.


Wowee!! I love the wreath!!

Mich in Mic

You know something Miss Ethel? The estate sales 'round here in Michigan--- just don't have the very cool vnatge things like you find. I've even said to myself before getting out of my car..."okay Michele, put on your Magpie Ethel glasses,".... I come up with nothing. People around here are into hard-fisher priced plastic toys and harliquin romance books.

How about doing a post on:

what you keep your cash in while thrifting? a fanny pack? a regular purse, or just your pocket? I myself, prefer a lightweight crochet purse swung sideways over my shoulder-to-hip.

You're the best of the best!
Mich in Mich.


Girl, I swear you are touched by the thrifting angels! :) I love your entire tin of goodies.

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