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June 18, 2010



So this is where you stash all of the fun stuff! I really enjoyed seeing your collections (I'm sure you have others stashed outside of this space)and the way you've arranged your room. I bet you can put your hand on anything that's in there. I love your tins...so cute!
Thanks for sharing your space with us.
Off to more parties...hope you'll come to mine.


Oh my goodness..for the ordinary crafter..me..this room could send me into the crafting fits!! I wouldn't know where to begin creating..This would have to be labeled "Crafting Heaven" enter with smelling salts in hand!!

I showed this to my husband..who sometimes fusses gently at me..about gathering old stuff..and said..look what she has..I don't think he will think I have too much any more..lol

Thank you for sharing!!
Didn't see any pinwheels..

hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Linda @ A La Carte

Wow what a fantastic space and such wonderful crafting supplies! I would just look and look if I got to visit you!


Wow! That is my Dream Studio!! I love it, and all your precious collections. I think I'd go in, and NEVER come out :)


What a fun, fabulous space. To have a space separate from the rest of the house would be heaven!! You and I both have a love of vintage so I was in awe of all of your wonderful vintage treasures. Thanks for the tour!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my goodness!! My hubby thinks I have a lot of stuff but my room doesn't come close!! I would love to poke around in your studio. I think I'd never want to come out!


Ah Laurie, I always love taking a peek at your magical, cheery studio!

Kari S.

Well there is my version of heaven! *amazing!!* Thanks for sharing!!


Oooooohhh!! That was fun!! I love every wonderful vintage thing!!! So fun, so colorful, so cute, so exiting! I could have fun in that room! Love the little vintage crib/seating area! Looks so cozy!


Your little hideaway is great. You are soooo organized... (something I'll never be).

Fun seeing you today "at church".



OH I love your studio..I love all the lively colors etc...:) a girl could go crazy in here..;) happy creating.:)


WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Well, girl, I am in awe. Shut my mouth and call me a cab. I mean it!! This was such fun. I've looked through everything - TWICE!! wow - still shaking my head. What a blast. - Kathy


In this little craft cottage..." I could while away the hours, conferrin' with the flowers..." (how is that for a Wizard of Oz quote direct from Kansas? :o)
I love, love, love your crafting space. You inspire me in so many ways.
Thanks for sharing!


Dazzling display of delicious detritus!

Oh my - love your studio!

What a treasuer trove. Thanks for the tour!


Hi! I've been a faithful reader of yours for the past few months. Reading your blog has become part of my daily ritual. I really like your craft studio/room. You have just the coolest craft things ever! I have one question though. Just exactly is a zigzag machine and what was it used for?

Happy Crafting,


Laurie, My first visit on the studio tour. It was wonderful to see every spot filled with your vintage supplies. Thanks so much for sharing! Elizabeth


I love seeing your studio, Laurie! It is chock full of fabulousness! And it perfectly suits you. I think I would go nuts there - snooping in drawers, looking at every little thing. There is so much visual stimuation - WONDROUS.



Wow, wow and WOW! Gorgeous! If you saw y craft room you'd say "Where's the table? Oh, under all the crap." lol

Bella Dreams

OMG! What fun! Yes, it is packed and I loved every inch of it. I would just like to come over and poke through all of your goodies. So much great stuff!


WOW!! You are the first person I ever met who stored they pipe-cleaners by color.


that was so fun!! such retro/vintage packed goodness!
xo natalea


I am moving in there very very soon. Please save me a little corner. I love it all.


Wow! Shazam! Pow!

All that color and energy!

So much fun!



I would LOVE to visit your studio in person!!! So much wonderful eye candy and treasures to see! Loved the tour!
Deb :)


Hi Laurie,
Wow.....I have always wondered
where you stored all of your
wonderful finds and didn't realize
that you had a studio separate
from your house. It was a lot
of fun seeing all of your goodies
to craft with. I wanted to mention
that I really liked the foil bulb
tag on the reflectors that you
found at your recent estate sale.
I love little details like that.

Nancy Jane York

Oh my goodness I had no idea Laurie you had this much stuff stashed away. This looks like a shop, you could open a shop to sell things if the need came about.


wow - what great stuff you have. I'll have to show my husband this one so he can see someone has more stuff than me! great collection!

zandra cudney

Wow, your room is jammed pack with goodies. Love all the nooks and crannies filled with such treasures. Sooo, enjoye my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.


What a fantastic space! So bright, cheery and whimsical! LOVE IT!
Queen Bee Studio

Suz Reaney

Your craft space is wonderful. If I could even pick what is me, this would be it! You have made Magpie-ism into an art form! I adore all the things you use for storage and I love those tins on the wall. I am just getting into tins and got some free yesterday...with the sewing supplies inside. The hanging things are pure fancy!!!

Some day, come and take a peek at my daughter and my blog. It is three months old and not really just about my jewelry. I love paper crafting...she loves a million other things like vintage fashion. We both love estate sales like crazy. We were not in any shape to photograph, not even artfully messy, but I am loving the tours.



Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I always enjoy a visit to Happy Town! I mean your studio! You know that it first inspired me when I saw it in that magazine years ago, before I ever even "met" you. Thanks for another great tour!


Okay, I feel like I found a kindred spirit! All the vintage...dressing in costume for your photos...the humor! Love your studio! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your work space and into your life! When you have time, stop by and visit my blog!


Into Vintage

This is just mind-blowing -- so much vintage goodness -- I would love to see it in person. And I'm wondering too about the vintage zig-zag machine? What the heck is it? Your creative space is simply amazing. Thanks for all the photos!! -amy


Wheeeeee! What a fun and whimsical ride! I LOVE your studio!! There is so much fun going on in there....I'd love to come over and just spend the day looking through all your stuff. Thanks for sharing!


You've heard the quote,"You can't have it all...where would you put it!"...I think you found out how to store it!! I think there is a little bit of everything there, and I think you could find it when you want it. Amazing!!

Mimi Sue

I would love to come over and just sit on the little bed/bench and take it all in. Probably take me a couple of days to see most of it. Very inspiring. Love your pottery collection. Mimi

Chris Anderson

How adorable is this space! So many sweet things!
Best wishes,



YOu have such a happy place! It's like a party!

Laura Ingalls Gunn

What a wonderfully creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.


i just fancy your style. you are one cool chick. if we didn't have to move every 2 years, i'd totally collect like you do. i think it is perfectly normal to have that many spun heads. why not!! your space amazes me. thanks for the inspiration. i just love it.

Tamera Wolfe

WOW--I could spend DAYS in there just looking at all your goodies!!
you're collection of honeycomb stuff has got my eyes opened. i scored four vintage honeycomb turkeys at an otherwise crappy sale this weekend. My mom was with me and mystified as to why I NEED four turkeys. They were 25 cents that's why!!!

Tobi Britton

Wow- it's like a giant glitzy candy store!!
Love it!
Thanks for having us over!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!


What a fantastic space.I would love to spend a day and just look at all your treasures!!!


Love the space. It's a jumble of color and vintage wonderland. Love the doll furniture, jars-I could go on and on. Too many things to mention. Love it!


Oh Laurie! Your space is like Santa's Workshop, you have all the makings for fun stuff. I just love it, it makes me smile. Thanks so much for inviting us in!



OH my! I think I could wander around and look at your wonderfully bright and cheery studio for hours!
You have so many great vintage things!
Thanks for the peek into your world, I'm a fan of your art!


wowza! what a super-fun and cheery space!

thanks so much for sharing where you create.

happy summer, too!



What a treasure trove!! :) How much fun would it be to spend the weekend in there?! :) What a great creative space.



So fun to see all your wonderful treasures. Thank you for sharing the eye candy!!!


What a charming, happy space - minimalism is over-rated! I love it and thank you for sharing!

Mitzi Curi

Laurie, your studio is the first of the Desert Cottage challenge's list of creative spaces I've visited, and I already think it's the best! I too love color, clutter, happy little vintage faces looking at me, and holiday collectibles. Thanks so much for the inside view. I could move right in and be happy as a clam!

Karen Valentine

There is just no a a person could by in that room and not smile!!!You have so many wonderful things in there, I wouldn't be able to concentrate on what I was doing! My eyes would want to browse!! Thank you so much for joining the party and sharing it all with us. I really enjoyed my visit.
My Desert Cottage

Terri G.

Wow would you look at all that vintagie stuff ..super creative space..TFS.

donna joy

wow-now we know where all the cool "stuff" has been hiding out-in your studio! what a great place-one could spend hours in there just looking at it all before you could ever start to make something~wonderful!



I love the galvanized metal top on the pink table. I've been wanting to cover my kitchen table in metal. I'm curious, did you cover it yourself, or take it to a metal fabricator to have it done. Any advice, if this was a DIY?

Thanks for all the inspiration!

Mary Anne

It would be a blast to actually stand in the middle of your studio and begin to explore it. I saw that you painted a red plastic drawer unit - I have a smaller one and have been toying with the idea of painting it. Now that I see yours and how nice it looks, I'm painting it! Thanks for the inspiration.

Lynette Killam

I love your studio, Laurie, and I love you! Such style, such flair..so much stuff! You're a woman after my own heart...we need all our collections, don't we? LOL

If you get a chance, do stop by my place and check out some of my stuff...I know you'll like it. I'm just delighted to have met you...



Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Well, you had me at the door to come in! I love that you have a separate space all your own. I love how you have filled it with things you love, too.


Wow, talk about crafting heaven! I adore all of your vintage supplies, those little sheer looking trees are fantastic! I too have an old iron crib in my studio for seating! I just loved every color filled inch of your creative haven, thank you for sharing.


This is my second time browsing your studio, there is so much to see. You have such a fun and cheery sense of style. I already follow your blog so I knew your studio would be great fun. Thanks for showing it off!


you have such a wonderful space. So many things to look at and use. It must be so fun working there.

Becky Ransom

Just found your blog, I could look for days in your studio! What a wonderful creative space.
The best ev-ah!


What a super fun and exciting studio! I love the colors and the amazing eye candy you have sprinkled throughout your space. Wonderful!

Su Gardner

I found your blog a little while ago and this particular blog today. It's vintage heaven and now I feel better about my 'room of shame'. You're awesome and inspiring.

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