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June 02, 2010



Interesting..interesting..very interesting...lol

I'm copying that guy off of Laugh-In....

I have never seen this..that is for sure!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


And that is the reason we all follow your blog!!!!

Julie Campbell

Love that blue tin foil! I don't ever remember seeing it before...what a find! So glad you shared it!

Hope you're having a wonderful day, Laurie!



And that's what I love about you!!


That's a new one on me too. I know it will add cuteness to your life!!

Nancy Jane York

Do you remember when they produced the colored saran wrap? I used to see it in all these pretty shades and loved it. Great to use to wrap Christmas or Easter cookies in. I never see that anymore do you?


You find the greatest stuff-- and that foil is no exception! I can't wait to see what crafty-goodness you do with it!


And this would be why you are my favorite blog. Only a special person can find a box of foil "charming". You brighten my day!


When I first saw your Reynold's Wrap Jr. I imagined you making the sweetest foil wrapped "favor baskets" for me and the rest of your blog readers. "The kind with dresdens, German Scrap and Chenille handles." Maybe some mercury glass beads too. I am teasin' of course. Have a wonderful evening.


That foil is so cool, and thanks for sharing the story with us! You find the neatest stuff! I just LOVE my chatterbox ribbon I got from you!! I know exactly what I'm gonna do with it now, I'll show you a pic soon!! Thanks again!! XO Fran.


Somewhere in the back of my poor feeble brain I've seen this before. What a find. And of course, I'd color coordinate my cheese. Wouldn't you? And nuthin' says lovin' like blue foil covered corn for the 4th of July!!! Ah...those were the days, my friend. - Have a great one! - Kathy

Mimi Sue

If you ever made foil dinners everyone could have a different color so they wouldn't get mixed up! Colored foil is a great idea! Mimi

Shelley G in Iowa

Cute post. Do I dare tell my hubby I was reading an interesting article of tin foil? Ah...knowing me, he wouldn't think anything of it! It's an interesting bit of Americana!

Hope you're having fun in Spokane!

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