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July 06, 2010


Mary B.

Laurie, I love to see your collections. I wondered if you collect dolls, large or small, as you visit those garage sales, estate sales, etc. I would enjoy seeing them. Thanks ahead of time.
Mary B.


Hi Laurie, I really enjoyed seeing
your collection of nut cups!!!
I have a box of probably at least
100 of the pink paper Betty Brite
cups. I found them on Ebay a couple
of years ago. I'm guessing they
may be Betty Brite but without
the individual packaging. I don't
know what to do with them all. : )
I love the wishing well cup! IT
is so sweet.
Hope that you are having a great
vacation and can't wait to hear
about all of it.


Laurie....I was guessing at the
100 pink cups, I think there are
a lot more!!! Many more! : )


wow! what a collection! you've got it all! xo natalea


Laurie, I am still trying to soak in all the trinkets in the wonderful new cupboards! Trying to keep up with your collections is like trying to eat one potato chip. I just can't get my fill! Have a great week! Elizabeth


Oh, don't we all wish we had the wishing well cup! That is adorable. As for the crocheted cups... really.
Really? Now that is an incredible amount of extra time on your hands!!

Love the Nuts about Nut Cups collection. Ta-ta! Kathy

Linda @ A La Carte

I remember we always had nut cups at parties!! Such a fun collection. Love the little crochet holders in that last photo.


How pretty, I love Smokey, anything Smokey.

Lisa W.

Thanks for showing the nut cups Laurie - Wonderful collection ! Such fun to see !! Enjoy the rest of your vacation !


Love the foil ones!!The crocheted are my favorite!! I have never seen those!! What to sell a couple:) What a super collection.


Those crocheted tea cups are pretty amazing! My fave's the foil nut cups-- so shiny! (And great colors, too!)


i love coming to visit your blog. you amaze me with all your sweet collections of what nots!! i had some nut cups years ago and didn't even know what they were...lol...just thought they were little drinking cups. i'm so dumb. now i know!!!
your crocheted ones are so adorable and the graphics on the packaging from the others are so retro.
thanks for sharing.

Mimi Sue

Nut cups? Who knew? Mimi

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

If there was ever any doubt that you collect amazing things, this surely proves it! They're all so cute, but my favorite is by far the one with Smokey. Smokey The Bear is my boyfriend!


I love these! I wish people still used them. Parties used to be so much more charming!

Mitzi Curi

Laurie, I love your appreciation of the little things in life, like nut cups.....they certainly have their own beauty and charm. I especially liked the foil ones, until I saw the crochet teacups.....those are exquisite!


Who knew to collect nut cups!? But you see the beauty in all things great and small. That's what I like about your blog. The foils are my favorite. I am so distracted by shiny things!


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