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July 13, 2010



My Vintage Table Clothes are my Pride N Joy!!! WOW!! You have a fantastic collection!!! My Fav's are prob the Christmas ones my M-N-L just gave me...looove them!!! Do you have any "secrets" for getting"old" stains out by chance? Some times they do add character but in same cases not so much :( Thanxs again for another inspiring peek into one of your magnificent collections :)

Vintage Christine

I find that if I soak the stained tablecloth (or any stained fabric) in a solution of Oxyclean for about a week it takes out 99% of old stains. It's worked with nearly everything I've dunked and believe me I KNOW some of those stains were ancient! Laurie, as usual you have the best stuff!


Love the tablecloths, Laurie! More is more. Maybe for your next collection challenge, you could show us your collection of vintage accessories (eyeglasses, sunglasses, & jewelry/pins, etc).

Have the loveliest of days!


I think tablecloths are so cool, but I never buy them because it would drive me nuts seeing them getting dirty from use!


I loooove vintage tablecloths, and I loooove your fabulous collection! I just purchased a cutter tablecloth the other day... I might make a valance for my kitchen window with it!


Hi Laurie, you are definitely a
woman after my own heart!! : )
Looooove your collection of vintage
tablecloths. They are just lovely.
Lucky you to have found one in the
street! I really enjoy seeing them
and love the projects that you
did with them. I have a somewhat
similar garage situation and I am now inspired by your project. Your hydrangea's are stunning!!
My blue one's are wilting in this heat wave that we have. :( We need rain desperately. It is so much fun to see your collection.
Please show me your collection of vintage pyrex or fireking bowls.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Pretty collection Laurie! And from now on I'm not going to pass up any cheap ones. Someone just told me that they swear by a combination of Biz and Oxyclean. If it works, my house will be bursting at the seams with tablecloths and quilts that I normally would have passed by!
I have that same lucky tablecloth! Is yours real small too? I'm thinking it was used on a card table. What do you think?

Linda @ A La Carte

Love the vintage table cloths. I have a couple but for me they are hard to find at a good price. Maybe I'm just cheap! LOL! Great collection!


I love vintage table cloths too. I have a few that were my Grandma's and always am reminded of good times I had at her house. I love your chair ruffle and as always like learning and getting ideas from you. Have a great day.


Laurie, thanks so much for posting your collection of vintage tablecloths! They are beautiful!!!


When I was looking at these I was thinking what it must have been like to go in the housewares department in the day and have these to pick from. (SO much better than the boring stuff I see now.) I just heard about a magical soaking blend that I might try if I'm feeling brave. Anything that involves mixing bleach with anything else is a little scary, so I'm not even going to tell you until after the experience. Assuming I survive.


I love vintage table cloths and these are wonderful love the ideas too..with the little skirt on the chair...LOve IT!!!


What a beautiful collection!!! I love old tablecloths and would love to collect them. I just rarely find them for a good price, so I only have one! Two weeks agoI almost bought one exactly like that one that is covered in small pink and red roses- the one you have that is over the polka dot one. It was cheap and I really should have bought it!


Love the vintage tablecoths!! Wow you sure have the collection. I have a bunch to. Thanks for sharing!!

Into Vintage

What is it about these tablecloths that is so addictive? I don't even care -- I just love them. Your wooden laundry rack makes a great display for them too. I am loving the one with the giant fruit.
Do you also have Christmas tablecloths? That's a collection I'd like to see. -amy


Sigh, they are all so beautiful! Great challenge! E


As always, wow! What a grand collection! I have a few but none big enough to fit my giant table. Not sure I could bring myself to cut any up lol.


I have a friend that makes aprons from vintage table cloths. They are so country and nice.


yum. your blog always makes me smile!! i used to collect tablecloths, but we move every 2 years now....so i just can't collect like i love to anymore.
your yard is adorable and those prints on your linens make all those hydrangeas pop!! thanks for sharing.


I love my vintage tableclothes...hard for me to find and have paid quite a bit for some, but they make me happy with their pretty colors and patterns. I spot one that I have, red roses and aqua...why can't they make such pretty & quality things today!


Just beautiful! I especially love the ones in green and blue. I have a small collection of vintage tablecloths that I need to do a post on one of these days. Other things just keep coming up.


Ah, what a nice collection! I recently bought a cherry and strawberry Wilendur!! ♥


I just bought one of those drying racks at the flea last weekend for 5.00 for exactly that purpose! To showcase my art, I mean tablecloths!

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