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July 20, 2010



I am sure it will come as no surprise to you that I too love old "office/school" supplies!! I have quite a few old rulers with local names on them, lots of old storage items, one of my favorites is an old black notebook with "Important Papers" scrolled across the front. And I am a sucker for graphics. A font can make me happy!
I am now on a Fuller letter opener hunt, I have never seen one before-love the look!
I tell you we are kindred spirits! :o)


I didn't know the Fuller Brush opener came in so many different colors.

Love all of the old graphics.


I'm home and spending the day washing..a ton of clothes..I swear..they don't know how to do much around here..lol

I too collect office stuff..I love paper holders that use to sit on top of desk...rulers..paper pads..( my dad was in the commercial printing business) sooo you see I come by this subject naturally!!

I do love this collection of yours!!

Show us more!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


Love the retro stapler!! I also have a lot of old wooden rulers!! Love it all:)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I love that box of pastel pencils, and I'm a sucker for little Swinglines and rulers too! And bless you for keeping that little photo corner guy out of the landfills. You know that if you don't keep buying him, he's just going to get thrown away. He's a cutie!

twinkle beverages

How wonderful. Thank you for the consideration. My aunts and uncles used to let me play "office" while being cared for. I've since asked them for some of the more unusual items I had played with. One of my favorites is a comptometer. (kind of a perpetual adding machine) My niece and nephew enjoy playing "office" too. Two budding entreprenuers. I let them play with my findings. I want them to appreciate what came before them. Best to you. Again thank you.

Into Vintage

Swooning over the colored pencils. And the maps tacks. So tiny!


Oh Laurie, this is my favorite of all of your collections so far!! I just love the vintage look to all of it!! My Mom has always been a secretary of some sort and still is at the age of 76!! This profession has been thrown out the door by modern ways. But I am so proud of my Mom and she loves it!! Thanks for your post. XO Fran.

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

Hey Laurie,

Here's an idea for a challenge - how about showing us your collection of things that AREN'T vintage?!!


Linda @ A La Carte

Love the office supplies! Great fun and I havne't seen one of those letter openers in a long time. Now I will keep my eye open for one for my home!


How big is your house? lol!


Laurie, I am so glad your collection is protected! This was a post after my own heart as I miss my own Mad Men office days. Oh my gosh there is nothing like the smell of a new Ticonderoga #2! Best collection yet! E PS (I almost always make male creations! Calling Dr. Sigmund, I never noticed!)


You know, I'm right there with the rest of the gals posing comments. I think this is my favorite by far! What is with all of us and our love of office supplies?? Strange doncha think? Love all of it. And the Fuller Brush man!! HAHAHAHA! I'd forgotten all about them. Ah, those were the days, my friend...



Hi Laurie,
What a great vintage office supply
collection!! In as much as I
love vintage seals & stickers, I love vintage office supplies too!!
The map tacks are so cute, love
the rulers, pretty pastel thumb-
tacks, carbon paper, and the
pastel pencils! The Swingline
stapler is a "swinging" great color!


I'll come work in YOUR office!! :)

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