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July 27, 2010



Wonder of wonders!! I think the little birds are my favorites!! No feathers.

Kim G.

This is my FAVORITE collection so far! LOVE IT! You are such a lucky girl. Love the baby buggy and the three holding the flowers. Hot dog!

Linda @ A La Carte

Laurie, these are the cutest little things. I don't think I've ever seen so many at once and just how charming they are. Now something else for my eyes to hunt for! Love the little birds!

Into Vintage

That little sproingy-headed Dutch girl is too cute -- and all those little birdies! I can't recall ever having seen these little figures anywhere. One more thing that will remind me of you when I'm out yard-sale-ing. :-0 See you at Barn House! -amy


This is a happy collection! I once found a wooden ring the size of a birthday cake filled with little angles and tulips to hold the candles to sit on top of the cake. I used them to make scenes under glass as gifts. Sigh, I wish I had kept them now! I received my order, thrilled as can be, and have posted it on my blog. I collect the little business cards you include, they are so darn cute! Laurie, have you ever thought of making postcards of your creations? They would be so wonderful to send. Gushing here, E

Carrie @ Junque Magnet

I do so love these.I pick them up at yard sales for my daughter.We put them on her shelf of "special things" in her room.Last summer I found an adorable bunny family with really tall ears!Thanks for sharing.


You did it again... you amazed me! I love the little gardening girls... and the birds... oh, and the girl at the piano... and the...

Nancy Jane York

Oh how sweet I love these, simple and sweet.


Hi there Ms. Magpie Ethel! I received my Summertime Spunhead Girl, it's adorable! I have it sitting on a shelf in my office, which is mostly blue, so she matches perfectly! Lucky for me since it was the last one in your Etsy Store!
I love your blog and I totally wish I had half of all the fun and interesting things you've acquired.
I'll be sure to be on the lookout for some of your handmade
Christmas items this year!


What a marvelous collection. I have seldom run across any of those, but now I'm looking. The blogworld broadens our horizons in so many ways!


never seen these before..but I love your collection..:)very sweet and happy..:)


Well, these are just charming. I don't think I've ever seen them anywhere (except on your blog). I like the little wooden Imri figures (I think that' what they're called) but these seem prettier and more detailed.

Shara @ monkeybox

I love all these little painted cuties. I thought my plain wooden ones were cute, but now I need some painted ones!

I especially love that they are all a little on the plump side.



Love those little wooden people!!
Do you have any vintage bakelite napkin rings??? Elma


I love your collections! I'd love to see your collections of bunnies and kitties!


I love this collection-- so cute! I've always loved vintage lamps with this type of wooden figurines, especially nursery rhymes. I saw a "jack and jill" lamp recently. Maybe someday I'll actually buy one. I think it would be cute in my "playroom" studio.


Hi Laurie, I also love your collection! I think the girl in
the yellow hat is the cutest!
The little bitty birds are sweet
and I really, really like the
baby in the carriage that you just
purchased. I love them all!!
The colors are so soothing to look
Please let me see your collection
of vintage crepe paper sheets,
packages and/or wrapping paper.


Those are so sweet. For some reason I just love "little" things and those have such great color and character!
ps any chance you are going to Barn House this Sat.??


Well, I love to learn something new. These wooden cuties are new to me. Do you know if they are relatives of "Irmi" figurines found on lamps and children's mobiles? Just curious.


Jenn Bontrager

They are so sweet. You have such cute collections.


The little wooden German figures are so sweet. We had a baby lamp with these... I don't remember what happened to it... maybe passed to one of my sisters when she had her babies.

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