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July 23, 2010


Linda @ A La Carte

I remember those little bits of ribbon with the foil fasteners. Oh wow, hadn't thought of those in a long time. I love your spun heads and can't wait to see more of your creations.


You hit the ribbon jackpot!!

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

"Got all wrapped up in vintage ribbon today" ok is that a really bad pun or my stupid sense of humor?!


The tops look like old 45 records, don't they? Really fun to see so many different ones. I will pay more attention next time I see one. The ribbons are lovely, too.

Did you notice the "advertised in LIFE"? As in Life magazine? Can you imgine spending magazine advertising money for a 25 cent item?


Laurie, You make me so happy that I am not the only prolific blog poster. I think you must have the same passion for life that I do. i get excited over everything, and visiting your blog is certainly top of the list. Your swap with Natalea was wonderful! Lots of treasures to add to your art. This ribbon post has me atwitter! I have made two paper snowmen and couldn't think of a base for them, what a perfect idea! Your "Flower" vase is so me! Anything with a word, and I'm all in. I can't help myself! This world of yours just makes my day! Elizabeth


Well - who couldn't help but hoard those ribbon spools when they come with such great graphics! (though I'm well aware that you use them in your handcrafted creations). Glad you found so many yesterday!

A previous commenter noted the "advertised in LIFE" for a 25 cent item - well, I have two boxes of vintage ornament hangers, both of which are marked 10 cents apiece, and they, too, have the "Advertised in LIFE" proclamation on them!


Hi Laurie, I really like the
graphics on the ribbon spools and
I really LOVE the foil fasteners
on the ribbon bundles! I have not
seen those in a very long time.
I remember taking the fasteners
to play with and bending the crease
back and forth and then they fell
off. :( I had such a fascination
with them.
Wonderful ribbon!!!!!!!

Tamera @ The Stone Fence Cottage

Ribbon nirvana---sigh!!! I LOVE old ribbon and trims!

Shelley Germann

Obviously I've followed you long enough to know how much you like these spools. I don't think I ever would have never given these a second thought if I hadn't discovered you! So thanks for opening my eyes!

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