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July 24, 2010


Linda @ A La Carte

Really good finds. Love the old original packages on the safety pins and that pot holder.

Tamera @ The Stone Fence Cottage

oooooo Laurie awesome haul!!!


I reaaaallly need to go junk shopping with you! I swear....you find the best of the best yummy goodies!


Decent finds? Around here we would call that an extraordinary day!


You could be a professional junker!

I glad you got instructions for that potholder. Valuable information.


Shara @ monkeybox

That tin of glitter is HUGE! What an amazing find.

Mimi Sue

Love that cowboy card game. You always find the best stuff. Mimi


Fun, fun, fun. Love that necklace and the cowboy cards. LOVE Mr. Kilowatt!! You know... if you could find a teeny tiny lightbulb you could make a Mr. Reddy Kilowatt with your spun heads. How cute would that be? And...if you made a MRS. Reddy Kilowatt and they got together...sparks would fly!!


Happy Sunday!

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

You're my new Hero!



Love it all - the vintage tea towel, the jar, the shell-shaped match holder, the glass garland necklace, etc - all great finds!


Hi Laurie,
LOVE...the cute little wooden
girl and what a great can of
sparkling tinsel!! The floral
stickers are soooo adorable!!
You DO find the greatest things.


The items that attract your attention are just too funny! Safety Pins? I can only think of my Mom constantly on the search for them during broken bra strap emergencies. (Why were they always breaking in the old days? Hmmm...) I am so looking forward to your holiday creations! Have a great week ahead! Elzabeth

My Shabby Roses

Laurie, it looks like you found alot of great things! It looks like it was a great week-end for you!

We need to connect sometime. Hopefully we'll bump into eachother Friday. I found a few more spun heads for you today!


Hi Laurie,

You found some great things! Sooo cool. I usually never find stuff like that. Would love to go junking with you!


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

What is it about your neck of the woods that always has the best vintage stuff?! I love that basket! I'm so mad at myself, because I saw one at a sale this summer, and in the frenzy I forgot to grab it. Oh well, there's bound to be another one in my future, I'm sure of it!


Don't you wish you could have your own little 5&10 where you could display all of your goods in their packaging? (But nobody could buy them. It would be more of a museum than a store.) I love that little baby buggy figure.

Shelley Germann

Hard to pick a favorite...maybe the baby buggy or the pot holder??? You know what I came home with after an entire day of shopping? One bag of hankies. Well, and some Littlest Pet Hop figures for dear daughter...but that's it!

Into Vintage

I think it's time to contact HGTV or the History Channel or which ever channel it is who needs to know what you do so they can get you your own TV show. I volunteer to be your vintage sidekick.

Mitzi Curi

Once again, you've acquired some wonderful goodies including something I've never seen before, a necklace made from glass Christmas garland. I think that is so charming! I'll be looking for those from now on.....


My bff has a potholder just like that one in her kitchen that she found at a yard sale a few years ago. I'm pretty sure hers came in the original package too!

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