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July 17, 2010


Jeannie DiMauro

OMG Laurie! I am flabbergasted you found ALL those little treasures on the second day of an estate sale!!! You really ARE a magnet... tell me, does your magnetic field cause fine watches to stop working when in your vicinity? Jeannie


Ohhhhhhh Laurie,....You DID hit
the mother load on the spun cotton
heads! Not so bad on your other
finds either, especially for the
second day. WOW! I just want
to reach through the monitor and
hold those little heads! lol!!
I never find any and I just love
them. I have to wonder what was
going to be created with them. ??
Please send some of your special magnetism my way...ok?


wow you always find the neatest stuff..love those pincushions..they are so interesting and love the colors.;)


Seeing all of this wonderful loot makes one wonder what was there the first day!


What fabulous finds! You really found a great sale. I love vintage Christmas items and was impressed with all the wonderful stuff you found (especially on the 2nd day!).


Loving the vintage Christmas! I just scored yesterday at a Senior Citizen's Center, "Christmas in July" market! Will post about it soon!!



Love your blog! What do your sequin trees look like? "Show me your beaded flowers" would be a great post.


Oh I love those pin cushions! That is actually something I collect. I've lucked into a few hand made ones but those take the cake!

As always, fabulous finds. I hope to find some glass garland some day. It's on my list of "Holy Grail" items. :)

Can't wait to see what you create from your finds!


Good job! I had a great shopping day, too. What an exciting life we lead. It's like finding pirate's treasures.

Into Vintage

You must have been DYING when you came across that box heads!! I bet you could have done some awesome projects with the person whose estate sale this was -- sounds like she could have been Magpie Ethel Sr.! I'm always stunned when there's this much good loot left on the second day.

Nancy Jane York

Oh you do find the cutest things and those heads amaze me as I mentioned several times I never have seen them until I met up with you !! I swear you live in the spun head capital of the world !!!

Shelley Germann

Oh, I LOVE those pin cushions!!! They will look great in a bowl together. I may be on a mission to find that pattern! Yep! That's where I headin'.

Shelley Germann

OK, after skimming through 40 pages of images...I give up! No pincushion pattern for me!


ACKKK! (Fainted and fell off my chair) I would have been happy with any ONE of those finds, but all at one sale would send me into overload.

Great post, super great finds!!

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